Top Hat Toppler Challenge – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 features 20 fun challenges for you to complete as you adventure around the massive hub world of Chronopolis. You can access these challenges from the Map screen by paging over to the “Challenges” tab on the bottom left. Some of these challenges are super easy, some are incredibly difficult!

Once you complete each of the 20 challenges you will be rewarded with a vehicle to use in game!

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Here’s how to unlock this challenge:

Top Hat Toppler

Top Hat Toppler LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Hidden around Chronopolis are seven giant silver Top Hats that sit on top of various giant LEGO statues. You will need a character (like Iron Man or Rocket Racoon) that has the SILVER LEGO DESTROY ability.

These Top Hats are very easy to find as they all sit on top of a giant statue, but if you’re struggling to spot them all, here’s where to find them!

  • Wakanda (x2) – The two giant cats in the center of Wakanda look extra dapper!
  • Hyrda Empire – Go to Hydra HQ and take the top hat off the iconic skull & tentacle symbol.
  • Manhattan – Liberty Island has a bit more metal on that statue of Liberty than necessary.
  • Asgard – The guard statue to the left of the throne room’s entrance has one very silly hat.
  • Hala – One of those floating statues is not like the other!
  • Ancient Egypt – Someone traded the Sphinx’s nose in for a shiny hat!

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Challenge Unlock: Mob Boss Attack Car

Collect all seven hats and get this very cool Mob Boss Attack Car!



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