Welcome To The Jungle Walkthrough – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Welcome to the Jungle Black Panther Walkthrough For LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 DLC Pack!

Journey deep into the heart of Wakanda to bring peace to the Jungle by helping to save General Ross from Killmonger and his crew.

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Table of Contents

Chronopolis Location

Boss Encounter

100% Ability Requirements

Minikit Locations

Character Card Unlocks

Character In Peril – Stan Lee

True Believer Stud Goal

Video Guide

level_20Chronopolis Location


lego marvel super heroes 2 black panther dlc welcome to the jungle

Mission Prerequisite: Level Pack DLC

Make your way through the jungles of Wakanda to find the old tunneling drill in an attempt to stop Killmonger and rescue Ross!

Download this add on level pack for the game through the add on content menu on the main screen.

blackBoss Encounter

You’ve got some fighting to do! Here are the boss encounters you’ll find during this level!


This level is mostly focused on puzzle and platforming. No real boss battles here! You do go toe to toe with a giant Rhino at the end of the level, but it’s hardly a boss battle.

fountaina1Ability Requirements

Here are the abilities you’ll need to to 100% complete this level!

Minikit Ability Requirements

  • Magic, Laser, Captain Shield, Technology

Stan Lee Rescue Ability Requirements

  • Websling Ability

minikitlmsh2Minikit Locations

You will need to collect all 10 minikits to unlock this level’s Gold Brick! Here’s where to find them:

Wakanda – 10 Minikits

lego marvel super heroes 2 black panther dlc welcome to the jungle

Flying Characters For The Win! 

Take Gwenpool Seriously when she cracks a joke about flying characters as you get up to the first water portion of the level. Fly down screen from the platforms to find a random minikit just hanging out waiting for you!

lego marvel super heroes 2 black panther dlc welcome to the jungle

No Seriously, Flying Is Awesome! 

After activating the first tower and landing in the middle of the group of baddies, take to the skies up to the top of the tower ledge your robot basket just hit on the way down to find an solo minikit just hanging out!

lego marvel super heroes 2 black panther dlc welcome to the jungle

Magic Stones In A Hole

After fighting off the first wave of enemies, you’ll find two rocks that require MAGIC to lift. Once they are out of the way, use DIG, to unearth a rune portal, then RUNE MAGIC away the panther statue, finally allowing you to DIG out the minikit!

lego marvel super heroes 2 black panther dlc welcome to the jungle

Come Fly Away With Me!

Again, Gwenpool has a seriously funny sense of humor. For a third time you will need a character with flight to skim over the surface of the murky green water at the base of the ladder that leads down to the second radio dish.


Flaming Hot Shield Spot 

After deactivating the purple laser gun, climb the steps and FIRE EXTINGUISH the burning rubble. Then use SHEILD switch to destroy the rocky wall, freeing Robot 1 and unlocking a minikit!

lego marvel super heroes 2 black panther dlc welcome to the jungle

Sonar You Kidding Me? 

Before blowing up the three glass cubes that hold up the water dam, use the Virbranium Powered Turret to aim at the lonely floating robot. Blow him up to snag a minikit!


Chi Me Please

At the entrance to the water fall drill machine storage, you will find a Chi Terminal. Use the powers of CHI to power up the statue and it will cough up a minikit!

lego marvel super heroes 2 black panther dlc welcome to the jungle

Minikit Storage

Inside the cave that stored the Drill Machine is a well hidden minikit just behind some of the random breakable LEGO objects.

The Mystic Arts Of Stark

Locate and magic up some flowers out of the three Stark Industries blue chests.

  • One on the ledge before the first radio dish near the two floating robots.
  • One on top of the tower you pass by after activating radio dish one.
  • One on the ledge near the Vibranium Turret.

Golden Opportunity

Around the map you will find four golden crocodiles that need to be melted with LASER.

  • One under the first radio dish on the rock’s edge.
  • One at the cave entrance in the water.
  • One on the rocks edge below the third radio dish.
  • One on a rock just over the edge from the starting location.

characters12Character Card Unlock

Each level has one hidden Character Card for you to find and unlock! Plus you will unlock every character you play as (and possibly encounter) during the story mode for use during free play!


Hidden Character Card Unlock:

  • NA

Story Mode Character Unlocks:

  • Black Panther (Vibranium Suit)
  • Erik Killmonger
  • Everett K Ross
  • Erik Killmonger (Black Panther)
  • Ulysses Klaue
  • Nakia
  • Okoye

Story Mode Vehicles Unlocks:

  • Wakandan Patrol Buggy
  • Wakandan Battle Tank

perilCharacter In Peril – Stan Lee 

Location: Water’s Edge


After powering up the second radio dish, head down to the waters edge and jump over to the small rock platform with the lit torch.

From the rocky edge of the waterfall, use WEB SLING to snag the barrel stand is stuck in, pulling him back in to safety.

believerTrue Believer – 100,000 Studs

You will need to collect approximately 100,000 studs to unlock the True Believer gold brick for this level! Our stud multiplier was on when we played and it instantly unlocked True Believer before we even had a chance to see the stud count.

goldaVideo Guide

Video guides provided by the wonderfully talented friends of Bricks to Life: PackAttack04082 & JayShockBlast

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