All Gwenpool Mission Walkthrough – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

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Hidden in the many corner of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2’s Chronopolis are 10 Gwenpool Missions. Each of these missions is unlocked through a series of questing and exploring throughout the various hub worlds.

Pink Brick Guide Unlock LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Somewhere hidden in each of the 10 Gwenpool missions is one of her Pink Bricks which can then be purchased in her room at the Avengers Mansion! Just like the main story, each one has a Stan Lee to rescue, a Character Card to collect & a True Believer gold brick.


Typically you will need to do two missions for characters, one which ties into the other, with both mission’s stories wrapping up in the bonus Gwenpool Mission. You’ll know you’ve trigger a mission because Gwenpool will jump in with a voice over cinematic once you’ve completed a relevant Chronopolis quest.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Gwenpool Mission Walkthrough 

Click on any of the missions below in either the bulleted list or gallery images to jump to the Gwenpool mission!

Each of our guides will show you the Gwenpool Mission:

  • Chronopolis Location
  • Mission Prerequisites
  • Collectible Locations (Pink Brick, Stan Lee, Character Card)
  • Video Walkthrough

Gwenpool Mission List:

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