LEGO Worlds 1950’s Drive-in DLC Now Available

<–Back to our guides Continuing the Brick Build Showcase Fabulous Fifties additions is the 1950’s Drive-in and with it comes some really fun discoverable objects including an animated Drive-in Screen. This brick build also sports some nifty Drive-in Lights that flicker on and off, I am really excited to use

LEGO Worlds DeLorean Sand Box Build

<–Back to our LEGO Worlds guides LEGO Worlds has recently added a number of 1950’s inspired builds to the Brick Build Showcase and like any build on there they are only available for a limited time. This got me thinking on a vehicle I would love to see make it

LEGO Worlds Winter Wonderland Builds

<—–Back to our LEGO Worlds guides So today is the final day (January 2nd) to download the 12 Brick Build Showcase Winter Wonderland Brick Builds! These builds were the winners of the Rebrick Contest from last month and are really impressive and deserve to be in this game and a

LEGO Worlds Winter Ruins DLC Now Available

<—–Back to our LEGO Worlds guides LEGO Worlds has kicked off it’s Winter Wonderland Week today where you can download a new Brick Build from the Showcase every day! The first build available to download is the Winter Ruins created by Eden3. That’s right this build was built by someone