Batgirl’s Secret Code

We are only a few weeks away from Wave 7.5 of Lego Dimensions! While we wait for the next release, it looks like the Dimensions social team is going to have a little fun and take us on a scavenger hunt! To introduce one of the new Story Pack abilities “Detective Mode” the team is taking us on a adventure with Batgirl as she unravels the mysterious code.

Batman: Arkham Detective Mode

The Detective Mode ability looks to be a ton of fun and gives us some Batman: Arkham vibes with it’s ability to hunt around your environment with a different filtered scans. We can’t wait to see what secrets might be hidden in the various Adventure Worlds with this new ability!

SPOILER WARNING – The end result of these clues may contain a spoiler / spoilers. We have no way of knowing that yet, but we are just giving a far warning to anyone who wants to check them all out. Cheers!


Batgirl Clue Recap!

We will keep a recap of the Batgirl Code here for you to follow along!

Looks like the clues may have been posted out of order, so for now I will leave the info like this but will update it once they get themselves straightened out.

  • Clue #1 – 17
  • Clue #2 – JG

Clue #1

The first clue features Batgirl in the Batcave using some type of sonar tracking to reveal a large “17” on the floor.

Batgirl Lego Dimensions Code

This clue has since been removed but it was shared on both Twitter and Facebook and had these messages with it:

Twitter: “Batgirl has cracked part 1 of an exclusive #LEGODimensions code! ? Stay tuned this week for more!”

Facebook: “Batgirl’s on the case! We’ve used her Detective mode ability to uncover the first part of an exclusive code… stay tuned over the next few weeks to crack the code!”

What could this 17 possibly mean? Let us know in the comments!

Clue #2

Over on Instagram we got a look at our second clue! Looks like Batgirl is going with a thermal imaging mode to find this secret code:

Here is the message from Lego Dimensions that came with this code:

Batgirl’s hot on the trail ? of an exclusive secret code! How will she use Detective Mode next?? What will it unlock? Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks to find out! #LEGODimensions

What could JG mean? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Special thanks to LEGONerdPhotos for a screenshot assist! You rock!

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