Best Pre-Order Deals for Lego The Force Awakens

As we get closer and closer to Lego The Force Awakens lets take a quick peek at the best deals for the new game!


You can pre-order from a short list of major retailers and some have some pretty impressive bonuses! From character packs to exclusive minikits, these bonuses are strong with the force.

Finn Season Pass

There are two versions of Lego The Force Awakens, a Regular & Deluxe. The Deluxe Edition comes with different box art (all gold), an exclusive Finn Minifigure & Season Pass Access.

PS Exclusive

Playstation owners can also enjoy a bonus character pack just for them thanks to a special partnership:

  • Phantom Limb Level Pack
  • Droid Character Pack


Pre-Ordering the game for PS4 & Xbox One Deluxe Edition from most retailers also grants you early access to the Empire Strikes Back Character Pack which should come packaged with your game! Here’s the description of the pack:

Bring your favorite Bounty Hunters and Hoth-equipped Rebels to LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens with The Empire Strikes Back Character Pack! This epic character pack includes Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia in cold weather gear, the cybernetic Lobot and the Ugnaughts of Cloud City, as well as the deadly bounty hunters Bossk, Dengar, and Boba Fett in his original concept art white armor.

Game Stop

Our suggested pre-order spot for The Force Awakens is Game Stop. They’ve got an impressive line up of pre-order bonuses! A Lego mini kit & character pack!

You can pre-order on Gamestop’s site here:

Regular Edition (3DSPS3, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Deluxe Edition (PS4, Xbox One)


A Kylo Ren Command Shuttle Mini Kit is available day one to anyone who pre-orders! Check out the description from their site:

Pre-order LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Exclusively @ GameStop and pick up your copy on Day 1 to get a LEGO Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle Mini PlaySet!


The Jabba’s Palace Character Pack is exclusive to Game Stop! Here’s a quick description:

The dregs of the galaxy’s criminal underworld come to LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens with Jabba’s Palace Character Pack. This character pack includes the mighty Jabba the Hutt and his loyal retainers Bib Fortuna, Malakili and Gamorrean Guards, plus the bounty hunter Booush, dancer Oola, and Princess Leia in her Jabba’s barge costume.

Best Buy


Best Buy also has an exclusive Lego Minikit for folks who pre-order! A First Order Star Destroyer set is yours if you pre-order and pick up on day 1!

You can pre-order the game on Best Buy via the links below:

Regular Edition (3DSPS3, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Deluxe Edition (PS4, Xbox One)

Toys R Us, Amazon, Target & More

No special Pre-Order bonuses are being offered up by any other retailer other than the two listed above.

If that changes we will add more info to this article! If you find a cool pre-order bonus let us know in the comments!




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Written by: Daniel Becker

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