Lego Dimensions Deals: Apr 16-22

Big deals on Year 2 continue this week, but not at Toys R Us, where they were last week, but at the Microsoft Store and also at Gamestop for the second week in a row. A-Team, ET, and Fantastic Beasts Fun Packs are all only $4.99 from the Microsoft Store,

Lego Dimensions Deals: Apr 9-15

Big deals on all Year 2 packs this week, with the biggest deals coming from Toys R Us and Gamestop, of all places, where they’ve got around 40-50% off on almost everything. Fun Packs for $5.99 ($7.19 for preorders) (TRU/GS), Level Packs for $14.99 (TRU/GS), Story Packs for $24.99 (TRU/GS),

Flash Sale on Lego Dimensions at Gamestop

Gamestop’s running a flash sale on Lego Dimensions products, offering steep discounts on all products except for preorders. It’s worth noting, however, as we mentioned in the deals this week, Best Buy’s also running some pretty big sales, and their pricing beats Gamestop in some places. Below, we’ve produced a mini-deals

Lego Dimensions Deals: Apr 2-8

Best Buy has almost all Lego Dimensions products for 40-50% off this week, including all Year 2 products except for preorders. That means you can get all of Best Buy’s Year 2 Fun Packs for $5.99, Level Packs and Team Packs for $14.99, Starters for $39.99/44.99 (depending on console gen),

Lego Dimensions Deals: Mar 26-Apr 1

We were kind of thinking there might not be Cartwheels anymore in the toys-to-life genre, but Target proved us wrong this week. We’ve got 30% off Starter Packs and 30% off Story Packs. Amazon has Year 2 Story packs for about 30% off as well, but aside from the Lego

Lego Dimensions Deals: Mar 19-25

Not to be outdone by their own bundled deals (which we’ll reprint again below), Amazon’s dropped prices on two Year 2 Story Packs (Fantastic Beasts and Ghostbusters) to $16.99, the lowest price we’ve seen either set since they released. Microsoft Store’s got the FB Fun Pack for $7.99 with free shipping,

Lego Dimensions Deals: Mar 12-18

While base pricing on packs hasn’t see a lot of movement since last week (short roundup of that below), this week, we had our attention brought to a number of themed bundles on Amazon that can net you absolutely huge savings on a whole variety of packs. If you don’t

Lego Dimensions Deals: Mar 5-11

Unless we’re missing something, the deals this week are pretty much a carbon copy of last week (with Walmart swapping places with TRU’s deals in many cases), so in a lightly edited, but no less blatant, copy-paste: No gimmicks to get excited about this week. As far as Year 2

Lego Dimensions Deals: Feb 26-Mar 4

No gimmicks to get excited about this week, but Wave 8 preorders are showing up at more vendors. This week, they’ve been added at Toys R Us, Best Buy, and Target. See anywhere we missed them? As far as Year 2 deals, things are a little light. Microsoft Store still

Lego Dimensions Deals: Feb 19-25

Toys R Us is running Buy One, Get One 50% off on all Lego Dimensions products except Starters and Story Packs. They’re also continuing last week’s deal of 50% off any Fun Pack with the purchase of the Lego Batman Movie Story Pack. Those deals are some of the best

Lego Dimensions Deals: Feb 12-18

It’s a pretty down week, especially compared to the deals we’ve been enjoying recently. Starting with Toys R Us, you can get 50% off any Fun Pack with the purchase of  Lego Batman Movie Story Pack. Be sure to stay away from the Fun Packs marked $5 through Five Below,

Lego Dimensions Deals: Feb 5-11

Big deals on Lego Dimensions continue at Gamestop and Best Buy. At Gamestop, Fun Packs are still $7.19, including Knight Rider Fun Pack preorders (releasing Friday). Level Packs are $17.99 and Team Packs $14.99, both of which are the best deals of the week on all Year 2 packs in their