LEGO Dimensions Wave 8 Vehicle Skin Gallery

Another Wave of LEGO Dimensions packs, another set of awesome alternate skins for the assortment of vehicles and gadgets! Each vehicle comes with it’s own default color scheme, then three alternate colors schemes that can make your vehicles looking cool and sometimes bring funny easter egg designs that are too

LEGO Dimensions Beetlejuice Minifigure!

Just like with the Hermione, Sloth and Buttercup minifigures, we were able to get our hands on an early figure for Beetlejuice! The infamous supernatural trickster is making his LEGO debut later this summer with his own Fun Pack for LEGO Dimensions and for what ever reason his minifigure has hit the streets

Lego Sonic Wallpapers!

We love mobile wallpapers, almost as much as we love Sonic… so we thought why not combine the two for double the awesomeness. Now you can use your favorite new speedy blue LEGO Hedgehog as your mobile background! We used a combination of both in game screen grabs and promotional