Lego Dimensions Waves Guide For Year 2

With Lego Dimensions Wave 6 releasing next week, we thought we’d take a quick minute to throw together a nice easy to reference guide on each Wave that’s been announced so far. We tried to model the guide off the quick reference one found on the top of the box…

Lego Dimensions Level Guides

Lego Dimensions Level Guides & Walkthroughs Lego Dimensions is a massive game that covers dozens of franchises across multiple years of content! With each wave and release of Lego Dimensions we get more and more levels and worlds to explore! Below you will find a full guide to every level found

Springfield Elementary School Gold Brick Clues

One of the trickier gold bricks out in the many worlds of Lego Dimensions to find is in The Simpsons Adventure World. Most gold bricks are simple, hidden behind a obstacle cleared through a character’s special skill. One Gold Brick in particular takes a little more time to acquire than