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LEGO Worlds Coming To Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is coming this spring and we have a big list of awesome games we can’t wait to play, and that list just got one game longer… According to a tweet from Arthur Parsons, Head of Design at TT Games, there are plans to bring LEGO Worlds to

Nintendo Switch & LEGO Dimensions

Now that we’ve been fully introduced to the Nintendo Switch, lets talk about how it will fit into the Toys To Life genre, specifically LEGO Dimensions. The Switch is revolutionizing the way we think about video game consoles by combining the power of a full sized console with the mobility

Lego Harry Potter PS4 Collection Coming Soon!

After several leaks and much anticipation, the Lego Harry Potter Collection has been officially announced for Playstation 4! You can pre-order it now on Amazon by clicking here! Originally a game released almost a year apart back in 2010, the new collection will feature all 7 years freshly remastered and

Lego Dimensions Level Guides

Lego Dimensions Level Guides & Walkthroughs Lego Dimensions is a massive game that covers dozens of franchises across multiple years of content! With each wave and release of Lego Dimensions we get more and more levels and worlds to explore! Below you will find a full guide to every level found