Custom Lego Dimensions Portal Gallery

Lego Dimensions offers up a unique experience in the Toys To Life genre that other games don’t, you actually play with the toys before using them in game. Lego’s are baked into the majority of our childhoods as an explorative building experience that allowed us to express our creativity outside of the basic building instructions provided with each kit. In fact, that idea is the main plot point of Lego’s wildly popular feature film… take something and make it better using your imagination.


The Lego Dimensions community has done just that. The portal included with the starter pack is as much a character in the plot of the game as Batman or Gandalf, it continues to evolve and change during gameplay and requires you to interact with it several times. But if you’re not too set on having the portal look exactly like it does in game, you have a little bit of leeway to have some creative fun.

Custom Lego Dimensions Portal

Lego themselves initially encouraged the community to rebuild and customize their portals but there has been little mention from their social media accounts about it since release…

Custom Lego Dimensions Portal Gallery

Check out these AMAZING custom portal creations the community has shared since the game was released:

Have you done something awesome with your Lego Dimensions Portal Build? Let us know and we will add you to the gallery!

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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