FOUND! Doug Rattmann in Lego Dimensions!

A few weeks ago we shared that there were still “undiscovered secrets” lurking in Lego Dimensions Year 1. After a good bit of hard detective work, grasping for clues, and replaying levels over and over again, we can finally say that we’ve found this undiscovered secret… AND IT’S AWESOME!

This incredible secret would not have been found if not for the help of two amazing members of the LEGO Community: PackAttack04082 & ProfessorBrickKeeper. Make sure you follow them and say thanks!

A quick bit of history… At the launch of Wave 6, Mark Warburton, a producer at TT Games tweeted this:

Our interest was certainly piqued so we began asking around and looking for what this undiscovered secret might possibly be. The road of clues finally lead us to Portal’s Doug Rattmann. The only scientist left alive after the neurotoxin attacks by GLaDOS. He was the one responsible for all the creepy dens and wall art found in the various areas of the game.

While Doug Rattmann doesn’t make an appearance in either of the Portal games, he does show up in Lego Dimensions. But he is so incredibly hard to find that even the most seasoned Lego gamers had no idea he was in the game.

Doug Rattmann Found!


To locate Doug Rattmann you will need two things:

  • Flying vehicle with speed boost enabled.
  • Chell (Portal Gun)

Rattmann appears in four of the nine Test Chambers found in the Starter Pack Level: Aperture Science Enrichment Center (GLaD To See You).

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 9.36.58 PM

  • Test Chamber 02
  • Test Chamber 06
  • Test Chamber 07
  • Test Chamber 09

You can only access Test Chambers 06 & 07 if you have Chell. (By-pass the laser bars over the elevator at the end of Test Chamber 05 by using the Portal Gun).

Certain locations will require you to jump into a flying vehicle and speed boost and land in a specific spot in order to see him, others require precise timing and distance to prevent him from running away. After spotting Rattmann he will usually drop a small amount of studs or a heart. This is a good way of knowing if you in fact found him while using our guide to hunt for him.

Doug Rattmann In Lego Dimensions Video!

Test Chamber 02

Doug Rattmann In Lego Dimensions

The easiest of the four Doug Rattmann’s to find. As soon as the level starts immediately hop into your flying vehicle and speed boost your way to the back of the Test Chamber to the area above the exit door where the ceiling has fallen out.

Doug Rattmann In Lego Dimensions

Get there quick enough and you will catch Rattmann slowly walking along the broken beams until he vanishes off screen.

Test Chamber 06

Doug Rattmann In Lego Dimensions

Test Chamber 06 has an easy to find Rattmann but get too close to him and he will quickly duck away and disappear. You can use either a flying vehicle or a character to reach him, and he is visible from the load of the level.

Doug Rattmann In Lego Dimensions

On the back wall, to the right of the exit door, a few blocks of the wall are removed or out of place. In that small area you can see his head peeking out as he surveys the room. Get too close or wait too long and he will drop out and disappear.

Test Chamber 07

Doug Rattmann In Lego Dimensions

Test Chamber 07 has the trickiest to find and hardest to see of all four Doug Rattmann appearances. Once again you will need to hop into a vehicle with speed boost and book it to the other side of the chamber, over to the platform with the glass boxes and broken doorway.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 10.42.44 AM

Keep to the left of the door way, and hang back a bit so the camera angle lines up just right then wait. Watch closely as the door bounces open and close, eventually Rattmann will drop down from the ceiling and then run off, with short glimpses of him to be caught behind the door!

Test Chamber 09Doug Rattmann In Lego Dimensions

The final spot to find Doug Rattmann is in Test Chamber 09. This one is a hard to spot because it involves you being fast but also keeping your distance. The right balance of speed and precision will give you the chance to catch a glimpse.

Doug Rattmann In Lego Dimensions

Immediately upon loading the level fly down screen and to the far right, going slowly until the caged sub floor area is visible. If you are fast & precise enough, you can watch Rattmann scribbling on the walls before realizing he is being watched. You will know you just missed him if you see a pile or studs or a heart floating in the small hallway.

Special Thanks!


Major, major, overflowing thanks for this discovery go to two amazing member of the LEGO Community:

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Big thanks also go to a few members of TT Games for their guidance and very very cryptic clues:

Doug Rattmann Art By Professor Brick Keeper

Thanks to Professor Brick Keeper, we have this awesome bit of LEGO Doug Rattmann Art!

Lego Dimensions Doug Rattmann LEGO


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