Four New LEGO Hidden Side Sets Revealed at New York Toy Fair!

These news came over the weekend at New York Toy Fair, but LEGO has revealed the other four sets in the LEGO Hidden Side theme.  These pictures come courtesy of Allen from The Brick Fan.  You can check his original post here.


Boat – $29.99, 310 pieces




First up is 70419 Boat.  This contains both of the main Hidden Side characters, in addition to a sailor and a ghost sailor.  A common theme throughout this line is that all ghosts in the sets have a human counterpart.  The boat itself is quite small and short, but the pale green pieces here are nice.  The set also comes with a yellow cayak and tan albino crocodile.


Truck – $39.99, 428 pieces




70421 Truck features two vehicles–the titular monster truck, and a possessed racing bike.  This set features four minifigures–the hooded male figure, a truck racer, and two ghost racers–one with a green beard, and one with wings!  These minifigures look absolutely fabulous and the builds are amazing too.  There appears to be some kind of cannon or turbo engine on the side of the truck, and this also appears in the Bus set.  We’ll see what it is when this set comes out.


Diner – $49.99, 598 pieces





70422 Diner might be my personal favorite set in the entire wave.  This looks like an old-fashioned east coast diner with a brick-built shrimp sign even hanging on the side!  The interior is definitely pretty small, as you can see in the second photo, but it appears to have pretty good value for a $60 set.  There are five minifigures: the hooded male minifigure, a ghost server, and three human minifigures who are a bit obscured in these pictures.  The two on the table in the second photo appear to possibly be a sailor and a chef, but we’ll see with the official photos.  It also has a blue car–again, this vehicle shares a similar color scheme and style to some of the various accessories on the other vehicles such as the truck and bus, possibly hinting towards some ghost-hunting equipment!


Train – $89.99, 698 pieces






We don’t have any good full pictures of 70424 Train, but these two pictures show us what the style and color scheme will be like.  The train looks fantastic and the set also includes a little waiting area at “Newbury Station.”  The set includes five minifigures: both main characters, the scientist character, a random civilian, and a creepy ghost with an…upside-down head?  The ghost character is also carrying a new lantern piece in glow-in-the-dark green.


New Pictures of Previous Sets


We also got a few new pictures of older sets, so I’ll just skim over them briefly.  We can see that the Lab set contains three minifigures: the scientist, the hoodie teen, and some weird ghost scientist.  The graveyard set also has a new ghost groundskeeper minifigure with an awesome new crazy hair piece!  In addition, we have a better picture of the Bus set.  The school bus is pretty detailed and is one of my favorite sets in this wave.  It has five minifigures: the scientist, both main characters, and two construction workers that can transform into the ghost characters.  I believe that when the set is assembled it these characters appear as ghosts, but as you progress through the set in the app you will “de-possess” them and transform them back into their human selves.  Finally, we have a shot of the High School set that displays the minifigures.  The set contains seven minifigures: a principal, two teachers, the two main teens, a little kid, and an interesting character that’s wearing the same clothes as the ghost in the Lab set.  There’s most likely some interesting story connecting these sets together and I can’t wait to see what it is when they come out.






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Written by: Béla Kurzenhauser

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