Back to the Future

testBack To The Future Adventure World Repair Locations

Adventure worlds are half the fun of Lego Dimensions, but in order to get all your gold bricks, you’re going to need to travel around the world and repair several locations. Repairing a location can open up a new mini mission, a simple puzzle, or a unique and explorable area. Every

testBack To The Future Level Pack

Back To The Future Level Locations Doc Brown’s House Mall Parking Lot The Barn Town Square School Dance (Hidden Location) Completion Abilities Minkit Collection – Laser, Drone Access, Silver Lego Destroy, Dig, Drill, Grapple, Magic, Atlantis Pool, Boomerang Rescue Character – Silver Lego & Magic Minikit Locations Doc Brown’s House –

testOnce Upon A Time Machine in the West – Back to the Future

Level Locations Train Depot 1885 Main Street 1885 Hill Valley 2015 Clock Tower 1885 Boss Encounters Lord Vortech – Phase 1 Defeat the enemies that come out to attack you. Marty will appear, flying the DeLorean will fly into Lord Vortech and knock out a Locate Keystone and Elemental Keystone.