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testDoctor Who Adventure World Repair Locations

Adventure worlds are half the fun of Lego Dimensions, but in order to get all your gold bricks, you’re going to need to travel around the world and repair several locations. Repairing a location can open up a new mini mission, a simple puzzle, or a unique and explorable area. You

testThe Dalek Extermination Of Earth – Doctor Who Level Pack Guide

Level Locations London (Central London, Brick Arch, I.M. Foreman Scrapyard) 1895 2015 2055 Trenzalore Skarro U.N.I.T. Headquarters (Hidden Area) Boss Encounters Davros The Davros battle is an easy battle that requires a bit of patience and repetition. The battle is done in three steps that need to be repeated three

testA Dalektable Adventure – Doctor Who

Level Locations The Doctor drops off the Heroes on the surface of Trenzalore where they must battle their way through a futuristic world filled with Cybermen, Weeping Angles and Daleks! Engine Room Observatory Graveyard Power Room Cargo Room Tardis Location Station Core Boss Encounters CyberKing Destroy the Cybermen that come