LEGO Batman Movie

testLEGO Batman Walkthrough Level 6 – The Final Showdown

With Batman back from the Phantom Zone it is up to him to stop the Joker and his evil plan to destroy Gotham City! With the help of some unlikely friends Batman faces off in Level 6 of the LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack. There are no secret areas in

testLEGO Batman Walkthrough Level 5 – The Phantom Zone

After being sent to the Phantom Zone by the Joker, Batman must use all his knowledge and smarts to escape while traveling upside down, sideways, backwards and through many different puzzles in Level 5 of the LEGO Batman Story Pack! Keep a close eye out for the secret area in

testLEGO Batman Walkthrough Level 4 – Attack Of The Uber Villains

The Joker has returned from the Phantom Zone with an army of Uber Villains and only Batman can stop him! Adventure through Wayne Tower to make it to the rooftops and escape in the awesome new Scuttler! There are no hidden areas in this level. Jump to another LEGO Batman

testLEGO Batman Walkthrough Level 3 – Arkham Attack

Break into Arkham Asylum with Batman and Robin to track down the Joker & send him packing into the Phantom Zone in Level 3 of the LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack – Arkham Attack! Keep a special eye out for an awesome secret area in this level! Jump to another

testLEGO Batman Walkthrough Level 2 – The Fortress Of Solitude

Head to the Fortress Of Solitude and crash the big Justice League party in Level 2 of The LEGO Batman Story Pack for LEGO Dimensions. Poke around the party floor causing some trouble then head into the halls of the Fortress to locate the Phantom Zone projector! Keep a close

testLEGO Batman Walkthrough Level 1 – The Energy Plant

Battle through Level 1 of the LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack in The Energy Plant. Face off against a horde of villains fighting along side Joker. Move through the various mini bosses in an attempt to capture the Joker and bring him to justice! There are no hidden areas in the