Level Guide

testThe Dalek Extermination Of Earth – Doctor Who Level Pack Guide

Level Locations London (Central London, Brick Arch, I.M. Foreman Scrapyard) 1895 2015 2055 Trenzalore Skarro U.N.I.T. Headquarters (Hidden Area) Boss Encounters Davros The Davros battle is an easy battle that requires a bit of patience and repetition. The battle is done in three steps that need to be repeated three

testAperture Science – Portal 2 Level Pack Guide

Level Locations Chambers 90 91 92 93 94 – Hidden Area 95 – Hidden Area Broken Elevator Area Glados Arena Boss Encounters Glados The Glados battle is relatively simple and involves you bouncing three energy blasts off the big bad robot. Use the Companion Cube to trigger the switch in the

testGhostbusters Level Pack Guide

Level Locations The Firehouse Garage Sedgewick Hotel Streets Of NYC The Firehouse Basement Dana Barrett’s Apartment – Hidden Area Apartment Roof Boss Encounters Slimer The Slimer fight is in four phases. Destroy the piano and attack Slimer with your proton pack to clear the slime off the two chandelier. Catch the

testThe Final Dimension Guide – Ninjago Minikits

Level Locations Dimensional Rift Lord Vortech’s Body Foundation Prime Destiny’s Bounty – Spinjitzu Hidden Area Boss Encounters Lord Vortech Phase 1 The first battle begins immediately at the start of the level. You are trapped in the dimensional rift with the giant Lord Vortech. The battle is a simple three

testThe Phantom Zone – Ghostbusters

Level Locations City Streets The Docks The Titanic Ghostbusters H.Q. Ghostbusters H.Q. Roof Boss Encounters General Zod Avoid the green laser from the ship. The path of the laser will be shown on the ground. While the laser is out, use a character with Boomerang to attack the green spot

testRiddle-Earth – Lord of the Rings

Level Locations Outside Minas Tirith Lower Courtyard Tardis Location Inner Left Minas Tirith Inner Central Minas Tirith Inner Right Minas Tirith Upper Courtyard Boss Encounters The Riddler and Balrog Activate the Shift Keystone on the left side of the room. Place a character with Magic onto the Blue portion of

testGLaD to See You – Portal 2

Level Locations Test Chamber Level 01 Test Chamber Level 02 Test Chamber Level 03 Test Chamber Level 04 Test Chamber Level 05 Behind Test Chambers Test Chamber Level 06 Test Chamber Level 07 Test Chamber Level 08 Test Chamber Level 09 GLaDOS Chamber Beneath GLaDOS Chamber Boss Encounters GLaDOS –

testPainting the Town Black – DC World

Level Locations Jump into the world of DC Comics and save Metropolis from the invasion of Sauron and his army of Orcs! City Streets Atlantis Boss Encounters Two-Face Defeat the enemies that come out to attack you. There is a counter at the top of the screen for how many

testOnce Upon A Time Machine in the West – Back to the Future

Level Locations Train Depot 1885 Main Street 1885 Hill Valley 2015 Clock Tower 1885 Boss Encounters Lord Vortech – Phase 1 Defeat the enemies that come out to attack you. Marty will appear, flying the DeLorean will fly into Lord Vortech and knock out a Locate Keystone and Elemental Keystone.

testA Dalektable Adventure – Doctor Who

Level Locations The Doctor drops off the Heroes on the surface of Trenzalore where they must battle their way through a futuristic world filled with Cybermen, Weeping Angles and Daleks! Engine Room Observatory Graveyard Power Room Cargo Room Tardis Location Station Core Boss Encounters CyberKing Destroy the Cybermen that come

testElements of Surprise – Ninjago

Level Locations Take part in the Elemental tournament and then try to escape the many dangerous areas of Master Chen’s Stadium Master Chen’s Stadium Maze of Tunnels Assembly Room Snake Pit Master Chen’s Chamber Boss Encounters The Element Bosses Griffin Turner – Speed Element Use a character with Magic on

testFollow The Lego Brick Road – Wizard Of Oz

Level Locations This level explores most of the iconic locations from the film leaving out only Emerald City itself. The Yellow Brick Road Munchkin Village Forest Wicked Witch’s Castle Boss Encounters The Wicked Witch is up to no good in the land of Oz! You’ll have to face off against