Midway Arcade

testMidway Arcade Adventure World Repair Locations

Adventure worlds are half the fun of Lego Dimensions, but in order to get all your gold bricks, you’re going to need to travel around the world and repair several locations. Repairing a location can open up a new mini mission, a simple puzzle, or a unique and explorable area. You

testAll Your Bricks Are Belong To Us – Midway Arcade

Level Locations The locations of this level take you inside several classic Midway Arcade games in an up close and interactive way. (These levels differ from the Midway Arcade Level Pack where you play the actual classic arcade games, this main story level recreates the vintage gaming in Lego form). Defender

testMidway Arcade Level Pack Walkthrough, Minikits & More!

Level Locations Arcade Lobby 1st Floor Basement Roof Paperboy – Hidden Area Various Classic Midway Games Level Walkthrough  Here’s a quick guide to the level pack with locations of all the major plot points in the story without giving too much detail. Have fun! Arcade machines have come to life and