Scooby Doo

testScooby-Doo Adventure World Race Guide!

Adventure World races are some of the most difficult challenges in Lego Dimensions. Each race can take you into the air, under the water, or through crazy obstacles as you try to beat the times to collect your gold bricks. Races are broken up into four different types: Ground, Air,

testScooby-Doo Adventure World Repair Locations

Adventure worlds are half the fun of Lego Dimensions, but in order to get all your gold bricks, you’re going to need to travel around the world and repair several locations. Repairing a location can open up a new mini mission, a simple puzzle, or a unique and explorable area. You

testMonster Mayhem Mash-Up – Scooby Doo

Level Locations Uncle Arthur’s House Courtyard Interior Basement Old Mineshaft Mayan Temple Ruins (Hidden Area) Fun Fair Circus Tent Boss Encounters Mummy Mine Car Chase Ride the rails of the old mine car and pay close attention the the green light on each of the junction lights that appear. Make