The Simpsons

testSimpsons Adventure World Repair Locations

Adventure worlds are half the fun of Lego Dimensions, but in order to get all your gold bricks, you’re going to need to travel around the world and repair several locations. Repairing a location can open up a new mini mission, a simple puzzle, or a unique and explorable area. You

testThe Mysterious Voyage Of Homer – The Simpsons Level Pack

Level Locations Take a journey with Homer as he risks it all on some Chili and goes on a journey to find his soulmate! Road To The Chili Cook Off The Chili Cook Off Homer’s Desert Hallucination  The Jetson’s Home (Hidden Area)  The Docks Completion Abilities Minikits – Tracking, Magic, Laser,

testMeltdown at Sector 7-G – The Simpsons

Meltdown At Sector 7-G Level Locations This level explores several notable locations, such as, The Simpson’s Home, Nuclear Power Plant, and a blast from the past secret location. The Simpson’s Home The Simpson’s Backyard The Cloud’s Above Springfield Mr. Burns Office TARDIS Location Boss Encounters Lord Business has no business