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In an interesting unannounced twist to LEGO Dimensions, a new character variant has been added to the roster for an existing pack. Found in the most recent patch by a few observant players, a character tag for “Fern The Human” was listed under the Laser Ability’s Hire-A-Hero pop up menu. While it took the community more than a week to figure out how to unlock him, it’s finally been discovered and it’s easier than you think.

NOTE: Before you get too excited, and don’t take the time to read the article but yell at me on social media anyway… this only works on the Wii U because it received an update for it’s Adventure Time content. The update will eventually drop for all the consoles, be patient.


Originally shared by GlowingPotato, it appears that the unlock for Fern can only be accomplished on the Wii U so far. There is no real indication as to why the Wii U is the only console to give you access so far, it may have been a small glitch in the latest patch and for other consoles it might require action in one of the final Year 2 Adventure worlds. Unfortunately GlowingPotato didn’t record how to actually unlock, just showed off some gameplay.

Thanks to our good friend PackAttack though, we have a look at how to unlock the character:

Head to the Badlands area of the Adventure  Time Adventure World and look for the large Grass Sword in the ground near the arcade building.

fern the human lego dimensions unlock

Destroy the Grass Sword and rebuild it around Finn’s Sword and watch the short animation of the grass cocoon birthing Fern The Human.


Just go near Fern to unlock the character swap and boom, now he’s in your inventory!


You can select Fern from your character wheel much like you change characters for the Doctor, Ghostbusters, Sloth, ect.

Enjoy the new random mystery Finn variant!

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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