Huge Savings On Lego Dimensions Year 2 Pre-Orders! Up to 40% Off!

The sales are finally starting to roll in as we get closer and closer to the release date of Lego Dimensions Year 2! This week both Target & Amazon are knocking it out of the park with some truly impressive discounts on Wave 6 packs.

Save over 40% when you pre-order today! Check out the awesome deals below!

Amazon Wave 6!

Lego Dimensions Year 2

You can order these 6 Wave 6 packs for only $103! We suggest, if you have the option, to go with the Amazon deals! They will continue to honor lower and lower sales and promotions, stacking better prices and guaranteeing you a great buy.

Here are all the pre-order links:

Target Wave 6!

Lego Dimensions Year 2

Target was the first to feature some incredible deals including a great buys on Year 1 packs! Again, you can get all of Wave 6 for only $103!

Check out all the deals here:

Noted above, Target also has big deals on Year 2 preorders, matching Amazon deal-for-deal No Cartwheel again this week, but big deals in other places.

Lego Dimensions Year 2 Target

Target’s low price winner this week comes from Doc Brown Fun Packs. Although these packs have been experiencing price drops at many vendors in recent weeks, they’re now down to an astounding $2.93. Cyberman Fun Packs still aren’t far behind, at $3.59. They’ve also matched Amazon’s Sensei Wu at $4.31, among many other low-priced Fun Packs this week.

They’ve also got Simpsons and Ghostbusters Level Packs down to $17.99 and $15.59, respectively, and Team Packs are down to $14.39. Starters are also discounted, down to $41.99 on Xbox One, but $47.99 on 360 and $53.99 on PS4 and Wii U.

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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