HUGE The Lego Movie 2 Video Game News Dump! Gameplay Walkthroughs and Screenshots

We’re a few days away from the launch of The LEGO Movie 2 Video Game, and we’ve gotten some great exclusive footage and news from site partner JayShockblast.  We’ll break down the videos that were released down below.


Level 1: Apocalypseburg



First off, we have a simple walkthrough of the first level in the game, Apocalypseburg.  In The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame, levels are more like large open hubs rather than linear levels with minikits.  This is similar to The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame, where each level is a specific area.  The hubs in The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame are quite large and vast, with lots of collectibles to find.

As you can see in the beginning of the video, this game has a “brickbuilding” mechanic similar to LEGO City Undercover.  Destroying objects will give you both studs and bricks, which you can use to build objects in the world.  However, unlike Undercover, you get specifically colored bricks instead of a general one-size-fits all.  Destroying a pink box will grant you pink bricks, and destroying red barrels will grant you red bricks.

Your Builder Page is similar to the discovery tool in LEGO Worlds, and allows you to spend bricks and build objects to solve puzzles.  For example, you might need a micro manager to melt some kragle, or a bouncer to get up up higher, or a sprinkler to grow some plants.  Completing missions and progressing through the story will give you more builds.  In addition, you can discover builds in the world just like in LEGO Worlds.  When you find an undiscovered object, you can use the Scanner Binoculars to add it to your builder page.


using the builder page


Completing a level will involve hopping between quest objectives and locations in each hub.  If you don’t want to speed through the main missions, you can break off at any time to do optional quests and find more builds, weapons, and items!  And don’t worry, you can always return to any hub after completing a level to get the rest of the collectibles.

To progress onwards to the next level, you will have to find Master Pieces.  Master Pieces are the “gold bricks” of this game, and if you collect enough, you’ll be able to travel to the next hub.  This is similar to both the gold bricks used to power up the PUG-Z in LEGO Worlds, and collecting Moons in Super Mario Odyssey.




Next up, we have some showcasing of the climbing/movement and combat in the game.  This is definitely very similar to The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame, with ledges being highlighted and auto-locked onto.  Enemies that are within attack range are also indicated by a yellow outline, and you can use moves like charge and dash attacks just like in The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame.  This time around, however, there is no combo meter, and the Skyward Dragon Finisher has been replaced with the Special Build Attack.  After hitting enemies enough times, you will get a prompt for the Special Build Attack.  Your character will ascend to the air, and after completing a few button prompts, will build something useful that will attack multiple enemies in an AoE (Area-of-Effect) attack.  The build can be many things, such as the mech shown in this video.


Special Build Attack

You can also spawn vehicles in the world such as Ultrakatty, but unlike previous LEGO games, doing so will cost building bricks, so make sure to choose your vehicles carefully!  One last thing worth mentioning is that voice cast for the movie is not reprising their roles for this game.  For some characters like Lucy and Unikitty, this is less noticeable, but other characters, particularly Metalbeard and Batman.  This is quite underwhelming especially after the stellar voice cast of LEGO DC Super Villains, which contained everyone from Kevin Conroy to Clancy Brown to Mark Hamill voicing their famous classic characters.

Syspocalypsestar Sandbox



After completing Level 1, you will gain access to the Syspocalypsestar Sandbox hub.  This is where you can add special builds and items to the world and tinker around, making your own custom hub.  Upon entering this area, you’ll first have to get a quest that requires you to build a shop.  You will be given the Super Builder Page, which can be used to build Super Builds, such as large buildings and other big objects.  This is similar to the Brick Builds in LEGO Worlds.  Super Builds do require a lot more building bricks than regular builds, and can only be placed on Syspocalypsestar.


super build


After building the shop, you will be given a Mega Relic.  Relics can be collected in the world and through combat and there are many different types, including Item and Character Relics.  You can also find Mega Relic Shards around the world, which I assume you can use to build Mega Relics.  At shops, you can break open relics.  Character Relics will give you a singular character, Item Relics will give you an item, and Mega Relics will give you multiple goodies, including characters, builds, super builds, vehicles, and items, so make sure to go to the shop when you find them!  Shops can be found all over the world on different planets, and each shop sells unique items, weapons, builds, and characters that can’t be found anywhere else.  You can also buy relics at shops in limited stock.

syspocalypsestar shop

We’ll see how Syspocalypsestar plays into the game’s story once the full release is out.

Level 2: Asteroid Field


After exiting Syspocalypsestar, you’ll be greeted by your first look at the world’s map screen.  This shows us the different worlds and levels that the game has to offer.  If you look up at the upper-left corner, you’ll see that the screen is currently displaying the Systar System of planets, with the Asteroid Field (Level 2) in the center of the screen, Apocalypseburg and Syspocalypsestar to the left, and four locked planets to the right.  The two other systems listed are the Rex-Plorer System and the Galactic Outskirts.  The Systar System contains the seven levels that are part of the main story–Apocalypseburg, Syspocalypsestar, Asteroid Field, Systerian Jungle, Harmony City, Sorting Area, and The Ceremony.  Meanwhile, the Rex-Plorer System contains levels from the first movie–Classic Bricksburg, The Old West, Middle Zealand, Planet Unikitty, and Planet Sparkles.  Planet Sparkles is technically a location from the second movie, yet it appears in this system.  Finally, the Galactic Outskirts contains three currently locked DLC planets that will be FREE!  That’s right, three new levels will be arriving in the game for free after launch. You can also see in the upper-right corner that there is a whopping 475 Master Pieces in the game!




The Asteroid Field level is basically an extension of the core mechanics practiced in the first level.  Upon meeting Rex Dangervest, you find out that you’ll need a special power crystal to repair Emmet’s crashed spaceship.  In order to find said crystal, you’ll have to unlock a Blacktron Spaceman as a character and then infiltrate the Blacktron Mine.  We also see near the end of the level the Master Pieces requirement that I mentioned earlier.  Upon reaching the teleporter that takes you to the next level, you’ll notice that you need to have a certain amount of Master Pieces to progress, in this case, 10.  Make sure to collect Master Pieces as you see them throughout the level so you don’t have to backtrack to find them.  Luckily, with the vast amount of pieces in each level (there are 50 in the Asteroid Field alone!) you shouldn’t have difficulty finding the required amount.


Level Portal


Other General Information

With the level breakdowns out of the way, let’s mention a few other things.  Character Customization is a lot different this time.  For starters, there isn’t a singular location to make characters at.  Like LEGO Worlds, you can make your own character out of parts in the menu and play as them at any time.  However, you won’t be able to assign abilities or do anything as detailed as LEGO DC Super Villains or LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 did.  Part of this has to do with the fact that characters don’t really have unique abilities, as most all abilities are done through builds such as generators or bouncers.  One new cool detail that’s been added into the game: you can customize minidolls!  It’s unsure how or if you will be able to mix regular LEGO pieces with minidoll pieces, but we’ll see when the game comes out.

When playing through the story, there will only be one character on screen at all time.  Co-op is technically unconfirmed but local multiplayer and local co-op are listed on the Microsoft Store, so we can assume they are supported.  Some characters will only give you a quest if you are playing as a certain character or wearing a certain piece of clothing, so you will have to switch to other characters in these cases.  Flying characters are also unconfirmed, but with Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern confirmed for the roster, it’s sure to be a feature.  The game also has over 100 playable characters from both movies.  Jamie Eden mentioned that there will not be any LEGO Ninjago Movie or LEGO Batman Movie DLC or content for this game.

Finally, the game will be $29.99 on Steam and $39.99 on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.  Pre-ordering the game will give you the Prophecy Pack which contains six characters from the original movie.  You can pre-order on Steam, the Playstation Store, and the Microsoft Store here.  Pre-orders are currently not available on the Nintendo eShop.

Have you seen The LEGO Movie 2: the Second Part?  If so, let us know down in the comments!  Will you be buying the game on release, afterwards, or do you have no interest in it?  We’d like to find out!

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