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The open world hub of LEGO The Incredibles is filled with small bricks called “Incredibricks.” You are introduced to them in the main story line’s mission, which you need to collect in order to build on the giant red Family Build pad.

In the hub world you will need these Incredibricks to help you build various Family Builds that will allow you to unlock new characters, vehicles, missions, etc.

Check below for a full guide on where to find the Incredbricks in each district, and check out the Pixar Family Build guide to see what you can build with them!


Incredible Builders Challenge

There are well over 100 Incredibricks around Municiberg and New Urbem.  The Incredible Builders challenge is to collect 100 Incredibricks. Completing this challenge will give you a Gold Brick and unlock Stratogale.

Note:  The video shows 119 Incredibricks.  Another brick didn’t show up on the map because it was hidden by a couple other challenges.  It is on the roof of the barn in Outer Municiberg.

Here is a full running list of all the Incredibricks broken down by district:

Outer Municiberg

  • Hay Bale Stack near front of corn field.
  • Hay Bale Stack near rear of corn field.
  • Hay Bale Stack behind barn near burning hay.
  • Middle of corn field opposite side of street from barn.
  • In wooden crate behind the brown chicken coup next to the corn field.
  • In the Parr family pool.
  • On the tallest peak of the Parr Family home’s roof.
  • Small path near the totem pole.
  • In Edna’s second floor glass foyer.
  • On top of the barn next to the Part Time Mechanic challenge.
  • In the path of the vehicle ramp near the Parr house.

Urbem Heights

  • Alleyway next to bakery (destroy red cart).
  • Tucked into the corner behind the brick apartments near the west road entrance to the district.
  • On top of the brick factory smoke stacks.
  • On the fire escape of the building next to the factory.
  • On the back of the Radio sign in the center of the area.
  • On top of the small shack in the junk yard near the overpass.
  • Hidden in a phone booth inside a fenced area just under where the overpass starts.
  • Watching TV on a chair behind a clothesline behind a row of homes.

Water Front

  • Boardwalk area, far corner. Should spawn here right after beating Crime Wave.
  • Floating above the water near the yellow boat just off the boardwalk, tucked in a corner.
  • In a small alcove next to a Metrolev billboard, behind a green dumpster in the north west area of the map.
  • On top of the water facing hotel sign.
  • On the ocean floor just off the pier in front of the hotel.
  • On the small ledge next to the Diner sign.

City Park

  • Inside hedge maze, far right bottom corner.


  • Hidden in the bushes outside the MoMoney building.
  • Alleyway in the north west part of the district.
  • In the bushes just outside the DEVtech building across the street.


  • Boardwalk area on the edge of the water, tucked into a corner by the stairs.
  • Behind the green dumpster just next to the on ramp for the highway.
  • End of the boardwalk area near the pier, by the fishing stuff, inside a pile of bait.
  • In the water under the bridge that leads to the financial area.
  • Behind the baseball stadium, just over the ledge in the water, floating on a rock.


  • Behind a crate in the small plaza opposite Sally Sundea’s shop.
  • Behind green dumpster next to Salley Sundea’s shop.
  • Diamond building fountain in front of the Diamond neon.
  • On the top of the radio tower on the tallest building in the area.
  • Center of the large circular statue.


  • Top of the pile shipping containers next to the ship.
  • On top of the loading crane near the ship.
  • On top of the loading crane without ship.
  • Top of Warf brick building, near ventilation shaft.
  • On top of the pile of shipping containers at the end of the ship less pier.


  • On top of the slide in the playground.
  • In front of a garage in the main street.
  • Backyard of the New Parr Family Home.
  • Back of the Church.
  • High jump near the bridge over the water.


  • Above small vent stacks of factory.
  • On top of brick factory.
  • Abandoned factory roof.
  • Between two smoke stacks.
  • Hidden in a green dumpster between two factories on the central west side of area.


LEGO The Incredibles Incredibricks Gallery

Here is a quick gallery of all the Incredibricks we’ve found so far! More to come! Hopefully once we have all 100+ bricks we can organize them into galleries for each city areas.

Incredible Builders Reward:  Stratogale


Incredible Family Builds

The Incredibricks are similar in nature to the Super Builds in LEGO City Undercover.  You need a certain number of Incredibricks to build each one.


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