Kinda Evil! LEGO DC Super Villains Adds Greg Miller In Mystery Role!

WB Games and TT Games latest LEGO adventure is due out on October 16th of this year and is slated to have a sizeable presence at E3 in Los Angeles next week with a press conference that will be streamed live via Facebook. However we didn’t have to wait too long for a bit of new information revealed by one of the voice actors themselves, a LEGO Game veteran and internet celebrity Greg Miller of Kinda Funny fame. Greg Miller took to Twitter to answer a fans question if they (Kinda Funny) would be in the game like in last years release LEGO Marvel Super Hereoes 2, in which he responded with a definitive “I am in the game!” but did not reveal who he would actually be portraying. It could be assumed that his complete involvement with the game will be revealed during the convention next week but for now we can only speculate on which character he will play.


Greg Miller is no stranger to the LEGO voice acting game and in the past has lent his talents to voice Aldrich Killian in LEGO Marvel Avengers and Howard The Duck in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. As for who he will voice in LEGO DC Super Villains is yet to be seen but I personally would love to see him go all out and over the top with villain characters like Control Freak or The Ventriloquist/Scar Face.

Greg Miller LEGO DC SUPER VILLAINS Aldrich Killian (LEGO Marvel Avengers)

Greg Miller LEGO DC SUPER VILLAINS Howard The Duck (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2)

Who do you think Greg Miller will be playing in LEGO DC Super Villains? Let us know what you think in the comments below or over on social media!


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Written by: Gerardo Gutierrez

Gerardo has been playing video games his entire life, in his 30's he now shares the joys of playing with his 3 young children. Gerardo is a huge fan of Lego and games that encourage creativity, with that being said his new favorite game of all time is LEGO WORLDS. When not writing or creating content Gerardo spends his time playing retro video games and sharing the classics with his kids.