LEGO Agents DLC Trailer For LEGO Worlds – PS4 Exclusive

We’ve got our first trailer for a DLC pack for the upcoming LEGO Worlds game! The LEGO Agents DLC will be a PS4 exclusive and includes a whole host of fun new characters, vehicles and one large glowing octopus. The community is a little upset with the announcement of this PS4 exclusive content but it should come as no surprise thanks to the long running history of Playstation & LEGO Game team ups.

lego agents lego worlds dlc ps4

LEGO Agents was a popular LEGO building set theme introduced in 2008. The theme played on a spy agency type story where special agents were tasked with stopping the evil Dr. Inferno! As of now the theme has been discontinued but it had a solid run and featured some really awesome sets!

Watch the full trailer here then scroll down to check out a full breakdown and recap of everything included! Make sure you check out the original LEGO Agents physical sets that inspired this DLC at the bottom of this recap!

LEGO Agents DLC Characters

lego agents lego worlds dlc ps4

This pack includes four new characters, two heroes Agents and two evil mastermind villains! If you want to be a good guy you can play as Agent Trace or Agent Chase! Both armed with some fun weapons and awesome spy gear uniforms. If being bad is more your style you can run around as either Dr. Inferno or Dyna-mite!

The trailer shows off the characters in various costumes so hopefully we will get all kinds of cool outfits. Each of the characters looks like they have unique and fun weapons / gadgets.

LEGO Agents DLC Vehicles

lego agents dlc lego worlds ps4

The LEGO Agents DLC will include all four videos shown off in the trailer! A nice variety of vehicles are bundled in this pack including two flying, one water and one road vehicle!

You will be able to drive around in the Agent’s Car, fly around in the Jetpack, hit the water with the Swamp Boat or take to the sky in the Stealth Jet.

LEGO Agents DLC LEGO Worlds ps4 octopus

As an odd added bonus you will also have the chance to swim around underwater on your very own giant glowing octopus… which we have to say is PRETTY AWESOME!

Physical LEGO Agents DLC Inspiration Sets


To see where these awesome new characters, weapons, vehicles and creatures came from, check out these original LEGO Agents building sets from the 2008 release! These four sets include the exact builds for all five of the vehicles! The minifigures of the various agents and villains were shared across several of the sets.

Mission 1: Jet Pack Pursuit – Set 8631

lego agents dlc lego worlds ps4

The first LEGO Agents set to be released in 2008 featured two medium sized builds, including Agent Chase and his Jet pack!

Mission 2: Swamp Raid – Set 8632

LEGO Agents DLC LEGO Worlds ps4

This fun little back water swamp camp features a small swamp boat featured in the new LEGO Agents DLC.

Mission 6: Mobile Command Center – Set 8635

lego agents dlc lego worlds ps4

This awesome set from 2008 featured two of the vehicles found in this upcoming DLC! The Stealth Jet & The Agent Cart are two of the mini builds in this large interactive Mobile Command Center!

Mission 7: Deep Sea Quest – Set 8636


The sets odd ball random glowing octopus was inspired by this deep sea underwater set from LEGO Agents’ 2008 release.


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