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LEGO Worlds is available now and we’re having a blast playing in all the worlds! One of the cool things LEGO World is planning on doing is releasing DLC packs featuring some of LEGO’s iconic series from the past. There first pack is the LEGO Agent DLC which is available on PS4 only for a limited time. The pack includes four characters and five vehicles, all of which are pulled directly from real LEGO sets you might have played with growing up!

lego agents lego worlds dlc ps4

We think its super awesome that LEGO is bringing their physical toys to life inside the LEGO Worlds game. This is something were super excited about with LEGO Worlds and hope they continue to do it with as many lines as they can possibly include!


We thought it would be fun to do a side by side comparison of the LEGO Agent DLC in digital form and physical form. We made a fun video featuring all the builds in and out of the game that you can watch below or scroll down for a full gallery of each vehicle and character and their LEGO building set counterpart!

LEGO Agents DLC Comparison Video

Watch as we lay down the side by side comparisons of all the content of the LEGO Worlds LEGO Agents DLC.

LEGO Agents DLC Real vs. Digital Comparison Gallery

These LEGO Agents sets came out around 2008 and featured a host of vehicles, buildings, minifigures and cool accessories. Check out where each of the vehicle and minifigures came from in the sets below!

Mission 1: Jet Pack Pursuit – Set 8631

lego agents dlc lego worlds ps4

The first LEGO Agents set to be released in 2008 featured two medium sized builds, including Agent Chase and his Jet pack!

Mission 2: Swamp Raid – Set 8632

LEGO Agents DLC LEGO Worlds ps4

This fun little back water swamp camp features a small swamp boat featured in the new LEGO Agents DLC.

Mission 6: Mobile Command Center – Set 8635

lego agents dlc lego worlds ps4

This awesome set from 2008 featured two of the vehicles found in this upcoming DLC! The Stealth Jet & The Agent Cart are two of the mini builds in this large interactive Mobile Command Center!

Mission 7: Deep Sea Quest – Set 8636


The sets odd ball random glowing octopus was inspired by this deep sea underwater set from LEGO Agents’ 2008 release.

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