LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack Social Media Preview Gallery!

The official LEGO Dimensions social media team is in full swing sharing with us a huge collection of previews and glimpses into the The LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack & Adventure World! Every post and clip they share we get more and more excited!

So far we’ve seen Batman operating a special new weapon, Robin wiggling through tiny duct work, Batgirl sleuthing with a new ability and some images of the environments. So much awesome we can barely contain ourselves! Make sure you keep up to date with LEGO Dimensions by following them on their many social media pages like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!

Be warned! Some of these clips may be spoilerish… so proceed with caution! 


LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack Previews

To make sure you don’t miss any of these awesome posts, we are collecting them all here in one mega gallery for you to share and enjoy! Let us know in the comments which of the posts are your favorite!

– Greetings From Gotham –

Our first real look at the expansive Gotham City which makes up the LEGO Batman Movie Adventure World. It looks like it’s full of crime that needs to be taken down.

– One Epic Man Cave For A Bat –

What looks like a clip pulled from a in game cutscene that introduces the Batcave. The big glorious Bat Computer is waiting to dish out the missions.. Can’t wait to explore this world!

– Robin’s Dress Up Party –

Our best guess is this is one of Robin’s idle in game animations as he’s been shown off in movie clips trying on multiple outfits. Looks like he’s going to be one funny character to play as!

– The Early Robin Gets To Worm –

Robin shows off his moves in what looks like a new puzzle or ability from the LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack. Could this be a version of mini access or is this just a funny clip from a cutscene in game?

– Merch Gun Madness –

Batman is at it again with his high tech weapons, this time he’s dishing out… branded merchandise? Looking forward to this gag in the upcoming movie!

– Upholding The Bat Law –

Batgirl pulls over Sonic and gives him a little lecture about speeding!

– Girl Bat Friends –

These two girls who are bats look like they are best friends! A great team up for sure! This also shows off a lovely view of the Bat Signal from the Adventure World.

– Easter Egg Advertisements –

We often comment about out favorite Easter Eggs and funny references found in the many levels and worlds of LEGO Dimensions. Seems like the LEGO Batman Movie Adventure World is no exception!

– These Clowns Are Such Jokers –

The first look at Joker in game hanging out with the other resident Dimensions joker, Krusty the Clown!

 – Face Two Face –

A great spotlight on a potential boss battle in the Story Pack, can’t wait to Face Off with this baddy.

– A 1000 Faces For Punching –

The shapeshifting Clay Face will make an appearance as a possible Boss battle in the Story Pack! Can’t wait to punch around this muddy monster.

– Going Green For Batman –

A short little comic cut scene that shows off Poison Ivy, potentially a boss battle from the Story Pack?

– Bossy Bat Awesome –

Great still image of Batgirl rocking out in her costume!

– Batgirl Fights Corruption –

Batgirl tells it as it is and makes sure there Gotham is no place for the Bad Cops.

– This Cave Is ROCKing –

Batman & Marty rock out together in what could either be the Batcave or possible the Fortress of Solitude? Who can tell from this tiny corner… and check out that SUPER pup in the background!

The Dark Knight can shred more than his abs. Rock out with McFly and McBat in #LEGODimensions! ???

A photo posted by LEGO Dimensions (@legodimensions) on

– That Voice Sounds Familiar –

Will Arnett, the voice of LEGO Movie Batman hangs out with some cool minifigures!

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