LEGO Batman: The Animated Series Level Pack Arriving Soon For LEGO DC Super Villains!

After two months since the second Aquaman DLC pack, the third level pack for LEGO DC Super Villains has been leaked.  Earlier today, Dan Veesenmeyer, who does the incredible LEGO comic art for the DLC levels and Justice League Stories for the game, announced that the Level Pack is arriving on March 19th, 2019!  Luckily, Andrew got us some great pictures and information on the eight characters in the pack!  The level is loosely based off of the critically-acclaimed 1993 Batman animated film Mask of the Phantasm, and features a great array of various characters from the movie and TV series.

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LEGO DC Super Villains Batman: The Animated Series Characters

Batman (B:TAS)

Batman: The Animated Series

Kevin Conroy is without a doubt the most famous, legendary, and iconic version of Batman to date.  Here, he has his classic yellow, black, and blue-gray suit from the original TV show.  His abilities are Explosives, Detective Mode, Boomerang, Acrobat, Photo Mode, Illumination, Grapple, Glide (Advanced), Stealth, Sonar Bolts, Security Access, Projectile Rebound, X-Ray Vision, Tracking, and Technology.

Two-Face (B:TAS)

Batman: The Animated Series

Richard Moll played the iconic black-and-white version of Two-Face in B:TAS.  Most people are familiar with this version of Two-Face, with his split-color suit, crazy hair, and blue skin.  Two-Face comes complete with his coin, pistol, and bazooka.  His abilities are Toxic Gas Protection, Graffiti, Goon Command, Explosives, Photo Mode, and Toxic Goo Protection.


Batman: The Animated Series

Stacy Keach provided the voice for Phantasm, aka Andrea Beaumont, in the 1993 animated film Mask of the Phantasm.  Phantasm is a vicious vigilante, seeking to strike down the criminals who infect Gotham City with their evil.  Her abilities are Security Access, Photo Mode, Grapple, Acrobat, Vent Travel, Teleportation, Stealth, and Smash Walls.


Batman: The Animated Series

Marc Singer plays the creature Man-Bat, who made his TV debut in the B:TAS episode “On Leather Wings.”  Dr. Kirk Langstrom was a half-deaf zoologist who seeked to give humans echolocation.  However, his experiment went horribly wrong and turned him into the flying monster known as Man-Bat.  His abilities are Flight, Dig, Detective Mode, Acrobat,  Sonar, Photo Mode, Illumination, and Hyper Jump.

Mad Hatter

Batman: The Animated Series

Roddy McDowall portrayed the strange Mad Hatter, aka Jervis Tech, in The Animated Series, and he is displayed here in all of his curious glory.  Jervis uses his hat to control the minds of his goons and other people, forcing them to commit crimes.  His abilities are Mind Control, Illumination, Detective Mode, Boomerang, Technology, Projectile Rebound, and Photo Mode.

Joker (B:TAS)

Batman: The Animated Series

Mark Hamill voiced the Joker near the beginning of B:TAS, and quickly became one of the most legendary and iconic voice performances ever.  Hamill has voiced the Joker in numerous roles, including TV shows, movies, games, and even amusement park rides!  This version of the Joker also includes his famous winged hair piece.  His abilities are Goon Command, Flight, Explosives, Drone Access, Toxic Goo Protection, Toxic Gas Protection, Grapple, Graffiti, Laughter Toxin, Photo Mode.

Harley Quinn (B:TAS)

Batman: The Animated Series

Arleen Sorkin is not the most well-known voice actor for Harley Quinn (that award would go to Tara Strong), but she certainly set the standard for the character.  This version of Harley features  her checkerboard jester suit, hat, and huge hammer.  Her abilities are Photo Mode, Impact Switches, Graffiti, Acrobat, and Smash Walls.

Captain Clown

Batman: The Animated Series

Captain Clown is the most obscure character in this pack–he is a robot created by Joker to do his bidding, and he only appeared the Season One episode “The Last Laugh”.  His inclusion in this pack is quite a surprise but still nice, as more deep cut characters are a delight to huge fans of the DC Universe.  His abilities are Toxic Goo Protection, Toxic Gas Protection, Fire Protection, Boost Lift, Super Strength, Smash Walls, Photo Mode, and Hyper Jump.

That’s all for the characters in the Batman: The Animated Series Level Pack for LEGO DC Super Villains!  Do you have the season pass or will you be picking this level up?  Let us know down in the comments!

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