LEGO City Emergency Available Now In LEGO Worlds!

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The latest in free LEGO Worlds DLC is here, the LECO City Emergency brick builds & vehicles! New buildings, rides, and minifigure characters await you in this awesome collection of LEGO Fire, Police & Airport sets! Friend of the site JayShockBlast has already played through the content and shared his video with us, make sure to watch it and check out our break down gallery below!

Four new Brick Build Showcase downloads await you in the home screen featuring three huge LEGO City themed builds with one extra bit of roadwork as a finishing touch!

Police Station

LEGO City Emergency LEGO Worlds DLC

This build is full of new pieces & vehicles to discover plus a handful of missions & new Police (Sunglasses) minifigure!

LEGO City Emergency LEGO Worlds DLC

The Police Station also has four new vehicles to discover and unlock including Crook’s Truck, Police Station Car, Police Motorcycle & Police Helicopter!

Missions include helping a crook break out of jail & filling the station with guard dogs!

Fire Station

LEGO City Emergency LEGO Worlds DLC

The Fire Station Brick Build is packed with great new minifigure firefighter variants, vehicles & building accessories like a rotating glass door & flaming food cart!

LEGO City Emergency LEGO Worlds DLC

Vehicles include a huge Fire Truck, a speedy little Fire Rescue Car & a new Fire Fighter Helicopter variant! You will also be able to unlock a new Dalmatian Fire Station Dog, and complete a few quests.

Airport Terminal & Runway

LEGO City Emergency LEGO Worlds DLC

While the airport is mostly empty (except for a few new discoverable building pieces) it is still pretty great. The giant glass walled building with tall Air Traffic Control tower is fun to explore!

LEGO City Emergency LEGO Worlds DLC

The game already has plenty of planes to store and take off from the Airport Terminal, and now you’ll be able to do that with an official Runway build! This build is a relatively simple road with the addition of one cool new discoverable build element, the blinking runway light!


Overall this is a pretty great free DLC for a wonderful game! Make sure you log in soon and download these build elements as they don’t last in the Brick Build Showcase forever!

Let us know what you think of these items in the comments below!

*If the content isn’t in your Brick Build Showcase you might need to close out your game and wait until morning for the game to recheck the servers!*

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