LEGO CITY Undercover Release Date April 4th?

UPDATE: Looks like Amazon has moved the date back for April 30th, 2017. We waited about a week before writing this article, watching the release date but it looks like we may have pointed out a bug and they fixed it. We will update you when anything changes! 

In a recent update to the Pre-Orders on Amazon for the LEGO City Undercover remaster, an official release date may have been leaked. Up until now almost every site has had a place holder of April 30th as a release date, a common practice for games that don’t have an exact date. Usually dates will be put in as the 30th of a random month or for the target release date month. This year April 30th is on a Sunday, a very unlikely date for a popular LEGO title.

lego city undercover release date leak

The Amazon listing now shows a release date of April 4th, which is the first Tuesday of the month. Tuesday is the typical release date of game titles, making this specific date either a interesting coincidence or the early leaked date of the release. Up until now the release has only been teased as Summer 2017, so while nothing is officially confirmed, it looks like we may have our official release date.

You can preorder LEGO CITY Undercover on Amazon here!

Check out the full LEGO CITY Undercover trailer below! We cannot wait to play this amazing game!

Big thanks to the legendary PackAttack for his tip off on the changed release date!

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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