LEGO DC Super Villains Red Brick Guide

Every level of LEGO DC Super Villains has a hidden red brick for you to find and collect. After you find these bricks, you can head over to STAR labs in Metropolis to purchase them. LEGO DC Super Villains has a total of 20 red bricks that allow you to do things like Helium Mode, Paint Splatter footprints, and of course, everyone’s favorite, the stud multipliers.

Scroll down below for our full guide on all 20 red bricks!

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STAR Labs – Red Brick Unlock

Head over to the tall STAR Labs building in Metropolis, it’s pretty easy to spot with a sign on top of the building and on street level, located in the far corner. At the bottom of the building you need to press a button to call the elevator, then another inside the elevator to get in.


Inside, head to the rear right side of the lab and hop through the window to get to the large Red Brick Screen. As you unlock the bricks you they will appear on the back wall of the lab. You can then activate the abilities by going to the “Extras” menu in your pause screen.

LEGO DC Super Villains Red Brick Guide

Each of the main 15 levels, and the additional 5 bonus levels have a Red Brick to be found and collected.

Below is a list of all 20 Red Bricks and what levels you can find them on.


To learn how to collect them, just click on the level guide’s link!

Level Guides

Bonus Level Guides

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