LEGO DC Super Villains DC TV Series Super Heroes Character Pack

As they say, the early bird catches the worm, or in this case the bad guys! If you pre-ordered LEGO DC Super Villains digitally or from a variety of retailers you could have received early access to this or other DLC Packs that will otherwise be available on November 20th. Let’s break down what this particular pack includes and the abilities each character possesses. The DC TV Series Super Heroes Character Pack includes a total of 7 different heroes based on different CW DC TV Shows.

The Atom (TV Heroes)


Ray Palmer, aka The Atom, is the incredibly smart CEO of Palmer Technologies.  He also dons the Atom suit, which allows him to shrink and grow to any size.  Just like the base game’s Atom, Ryan Choi, Ray has access to wide variety of abilities including Electricity Protection, Fuse Box Access, Flight, Electricity, Scale, Photo Mode, Hyper Jump, Toxic Gas Protection, Vent Travel, Transform, Technology, Security Access, and X-Ray Vision.

Black Lightning


Jefferson Pierce, aka the Black Lightning possess the ability to create and wield electrical energy.  He has a number of abilities including Electricity Protection, Flight, Electricity, Beam Deflect, Security Access, Photo Mode, Illumination, Hyper Jump, X-Ray Vision, Technology, and Shield Mode.

The Flash (TV Heroes)


Grant Gustin is known to most people as the Flash.  He quickly caught on as the charismatic Barry Allen and scarlet speedster.  He can use Sonar, Security Access, Photo Mode, Acrobat, Wall Climbing, Teleportation, and Cosmic Treadmill.

Green Arrow (TV Heroes)


Stephen Amell’s debut as Oliver Queen, aka the Green Arrow was quickly popular.  The hit hero is a deadeye archer with a sharp eye and incredible aim.  He uses his billion-dollar fortune to fight crime with his fellow heroes known as Team Arrow.  He can use Heat Bolts, Grapple, Explosive Bolts, Acrobat, Sonar Bolts, Security Access, Projectile Rebound, and Photo Mode.

Mister Terrific


Curtis Holt, also known as Mister Terrific, is one of the smartest people in the DC Universe.  He is a scientific, mathematical, technological, and physical genius, and has access to the abilities Security Access, Photo Mode, Explosives, Acrobat, Technology, and Stealth.



Melissa Benoist plays Supergirl in her titular show.  Supergirl was sent to Earth to protect her younger cousin Kal-El, to be later known as Superman.  Her ship was knocked into the phantom zone, causing her arrival to Earth to be delayed by decades.  She has quite a few abilities with Fire Protection, Electricity Protection, Flight, Detective Mode, Hyper Jump, Heat, Toxic Goo Protection, Toxic Gas Protection, Smash Walls, Security Access, Photo Mode, Ice, X-Ray Vision, and Super Strength.



Cisco Ramon, aka Vibe, gained metahuman abilities after the S.T.A.R. Labs Particle Accelerator explosion.  He manifested the power to control dimensional energy.  This is reflected in his abilities, as he has Security Access, Photo Mode, Mirror Portal, Detective Mode, Tracking, Technology, Sonar Bolts, and Sonar.

What do you think of this DLC Pack? Were you able to pick it up via a preorder or do you plan on picking it up when it launches November 20th? As always let us know in the comments below or over on social media!

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Written by: Gerardo Gutierrez

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