Lego Dimensions Black Friday Sale Preview – 2016

Almost all the Black Friday ads for 2016 are here and we can now compile a master list of all the awesome savings you can expect to find as your adventure out and brave the crowds.

Toys R Us is our favorite this year for its wide selection of discounts but Best Buy’s less than descriptive Black Friday ad may prove to offer some great deals once they’ve been posted.

We are seeing a ton of deals on Starter Packs, mostly around $39.99, so use this opportunity to grab a Supergirl if you don’t already have her!

Game Stop

Lego Dimensions Black Friday Sale

If you’re looking for your chance at a Green Arrow figure, you’re in luck! Purchase any Lego Dimensions product at Game Stop on Black Friday and grab a free Green Arrow figure!

You could even double down and get both Super Girl AND Green Arrow for only $39.99!

Starter Packs: $50 Off ($39.99)

Level Packs: $19.99

Team Packs: $14.99

Toys R Us

Lego Dimensions Black Friday Sales

Toys R Us is offering up a bunch of great Lego Dimensions Black Friday Sales! These sales represent a sort of combined “best of” from their previous sales. Some great prices, especially for anyone searching for the exclusive Jay from Year 1 and Marceline for Year 2!

Starter Packs: $50 Off ($29.99 – $39.99)

Level Packs & Team Packs: 50% Off ($12.49 – $14.99)

Fun Packs: $3 for $20 ($6.66 Ea.)


Lego Dimensions Black Friday Sales

Walmart’s Lego Dimensions Black Friday Sales are a little lighter than Toys R Us but not by much. They’re combining the two similarly priced packs into one sale, and offering up the Starter Pack for a nice cheap price across all platforms!

Starter Packs: $39.00

Level & Team Packs: $14.00

Best Buy

Lego Dimensions Black Friday Sales

Best Buy’s Lego Dimension Black Friday Sales are a little cryptic in their ad. They promise up to 55% off the various packs, but don’t give a break down on what deals they will be offering for which pack. They small info button at the top of the deal does mention that it will be a minimum savings of 33% but thats all we got.

Starter Pack: $39.99

Story, Level, Team & Fun Packs: 33% – 55% off

Sidenote: Your Gamer’s Club Unlocked discount cannot be stacked during this time. Once we get the official word on the prices, time some time to do some apples to apples comparison of past sales and see if it’s better to wait for the next Best Buy Lego Dimensions sale where you can use that extra 20%. 


Target’s Lego Dinensions Black Friday Sales are less than impressive this year, matching some of the other retailers cheap starter pack (that we’ve already seen plenty this year).

Starter Packs: $39.99

Fun Packs, Level Packs, Story Packs: Down to $10.00

  • Note: the image says all three pack types are on sale. If Story Packs are actually $10, though, this deal will be insane. It’s almost hard to believe. It’s most likely Fun Packs will be $10, and the other two pack types will be at an unspecified price.

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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