LEGO Dimensions Cancellation FAQ

Disclaimer: Before you read this we want to make a quick statement. This info should as always be taken with a grain of salt. We’ve had the info verified by one inside source and two outside sources tied closely to the game as true and legitimate. You are still encouraged to make your own decisions. Just do so politely and with respect. The hate and anger that was spread throughout the community was totally unnecessary last week. We are a family with a unified love of LEGO Games. Let love and kindness win over hate and anger. 

It’s been an interesting week for us here at Bricks To Life, and we thought it would be a good thing to follow up on the big article we released last Wednesday. A big bucketload of apologies to the fans who got locked out of the site after we posted the article. We got so much traffic at once that our site crashed so hard it took over 36 hours to get it back up. Now, the whole site is on a much nicer server which should hold up against any other big news.

On a personal note, we want to reassure everyone that no one loves this game more than we do. The cancellation of Dimensions is not a good thing; it’s bad for our site, it’s bad for the community and it’s bad for the reputation of LEGO Games. We stand to gain nothing from sharing this info with you beyond getting the news out to the community we love and support. This game has been our passion for more than two years and has opened doors for us to expand into more and make a name for ourselves in the LEGO community. This news makes us incredibly sad. We completely understand why this news is so upsetting to so many people.

If you missed the original cancellation article, click here to read it!

LEGO Dimensions Cancellation FAQ

We’ve received a ton of feedback from the cancellation article and we wanted to address some of it, answer some of the bigger questions, and provide a little bit more information. Below we will list some of the questions in sort of an expanded FAQ format. If we don’t answer your pressing question or issue, please leave a comment or reach out to us on social media (see bottom of the article for links) and we will try to help.

Is the game really cancelled?

Yes, we called it in the previous article a “quiet cancellation,,” because it’s not officially been announced to the community or potentially even through the massive company that is LEGO. Right now, the team behind the game is slowly wrapping up production on the current Year and will then move onto other projects. Think of the cancellation applying to Year 3 and beyond, and not to anything that’s already been announced.

Why was the game cancelled?

A whole situation is certainly messy and probably deeper than we even have a proper understanding of. From our source the main reason was simply sales. The Toys To Life genre is just about dead and soon to be buried. The market is just not there for it anymore and unfortunately LEGO came into the game too late to get a proper footing in the over saturated shelf space.

Will we still get Beetlejuice, PPG, TTG, Goonies, LEGO City, etc.?


Absolutely! The cancellation we announced was referencing any content beyond Year 2. You are still going to get everything that TT Games has promised you’re getting. The good folks behind the game have been working hard on everything and making sure it’s all perfect!

When will we get the remaining packs?

From the information we received it looks like the remaining waves will be stretched out until at least September. The remaining packs will be broken into two more waves after Wave 8, one with Power Puff Girls & Beetlejuice, and the other will be Teen Titans & possibly a Surprise Pack.

How can we trust you have a legitimate source?

We’ve been working with a few friends of the site to deliver some of the info we have in a safe way that won’t get us into too much trouble. Check back in the following days for a little article as we look at some of the behind the scenes development of the game as a way to prove our source is legitimate and actually works closely with the game.

Who is your source? Can we see all the info you have?


The short answer is no. It’s important for us to keep the source anonymous to protect their job. We vetted them and their information as thoroughly as we could before sharing the story. The info was backed up by a second source. The documents we have are mostly confidential internal documents that we don’t feel comfortable fully sharing at this time. We are not Wikileaks and don’t intend to dump copious amounts of private documents or broadcast the identity of our source.

Did you see that LEGO tweet that said you were wrong?

Oh yeah, we saw the tweet. If you missed it, here’s a quick look:

It’s important here to remember two things:

  • The game isn’t publicly cancelled yet. So technically, the tweet is right.
  • Even if the game was cancelled internally, it would be in their best interest to maintain that it is not. Their goal is to sell as much as possible to the consumer who may be more inclined to abandon the brand if they know it’s done.

Notice how none of the outspoken team who usually loves talking about the game have now gone silent. Dimension’s official Twitter / Facebook / Instagram pages have not responded to any messages. The only accounts to respond are the official LEGO Group. This is a PR Guy who runs down a list of all the things that he can say, projects that are still going on, and then responds to the posts based on the info he has. The LEGO PR team is very much removed from the inner workings of TT Games.

The question you should be asking if you want to start tweeting is “What’s going on with Year 3? Should we still expect a trailer for the new content at E3?”

So you think an OFFICIAL tweet from LEGO isn’t proof you’re wrong?

Yes, that’s what we’re saying. In fact LEGO has a pretty interesting track record when it comes to delivering cancellation news to their fans.

We won’t even go into the subtle nuance of the tweets where they constantly state they have no idea whats going on with the game development team but can at the same time tweet that they know whats going on with the game development team.

Sometimes, it’s clear that the PR person running the official LEGO Twitter page isn’t always fully informed, like the time they reassured the fans that Mixels weren’t cancelled and new stuff was coming to the LEGO store, weeks after they officially announced Mixels were cancelled.


There was the time that the LEGO press team released a fun article celebrating the birthday of LEGO Universe (a popular MMO game from 2011) promising all sorts of awesome upgrades in the new year for LEGO Universe. Four days later it got cancelled.


Or the time LEGO cancelled the Bionicle reboot internally, tasking a few trusted fan community leaders to slowly prepare the fan communities that the toy line may not reach it’s planned third year, before the cancellation was officially announced. Sound familiar?

The press team and the development team aren’t always on the same page. Especially if they are two different companies responsible for two totally different sets of press.

LEGO Group PR =/= TT Games & WB Games PR

Can we (the community) save LEGO Dimensions?

Before you start creating online petitions or shouting at the TT Games team (and they’d be the wrong ones to yell at, so again, please don’t do that) the community already had their chance to save the game in the only way that matters: sales. Unfortunately beyond everyone going out and buying the packs in bulk to dramatically boost sales numbers, there is nothing anyone can do.

Will the game still be playable after it’s cancelled?


Of course! There is no reason why you couldn’t go on playing this game forever and enjoying the almost endless amount of content!

What were the IPs that were going to be included in Year 3?

We will share a nice list of the cancelled franchises later when things settle down from this and WB or TT Games makes some kind of formal announcement about the cancellation. The only reason we are holding back is the very slim chance that some of these properties may be used in new games or if some additional content is possibly added onto Year 2 or 3. We’ve mentioned in the original article that TT Games was still actively working on this.

Can you tell us what the next LEGO Games will be?

No. That’s not our story to tell. The team at TT Games is working hard on some very cool stuff that will make you all very happy we’re sure. Not to mention you can probably just figure out a few of them yourself using some common knowledge and previous examples.

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