Lego Dimensions Deals – Mar 6-12

Here’s a quick summary of all the best deals across the web and major retailers for Lego Dimensions! Check out the top portion with break downs on all the retailers then scroll down for an in depth listing of Lego Dimensions deals for every pack from every retailer!

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Amazon is continuing last week’s pricing, with most Fun Packs for $7.49 (except Bane, Zane, and Emmet) and most level packs around $20, except the Midway Retro Game pack preorder. While team packs were $14.99 last week, this week, they’re about $20, except for the Ninjago pack, which is 14.99.

As always, with Amazon it’s important to keep an eye on the pricing as it can easily fluctuate up and down.

Best Buy

Maintaining mostly the same prices as last week, Best Buy’s main deal this week seems to be $10-20 off starters ($10 for current gen consoles, $20 for last gen consoles).


Stepping back on the Level Pack and Team Pack deals from last week, Gamestop’s only noteworthy deal this week is Fun Packs for $7.49. Still, this is the best deal of the week, matching Amazon’s Fun Pack deal.


No Cartwheel this week for Lego Dimensions, and the pricing at Target’s site is a bit all over the place. Starters are $99.99, except for Wii U, where it’s $22 off, and Xbox One, where it’s $30 off. Fun Packs range from $7.59 to $14.99, Level Packs from $19.99 to $29.99, and Team Packs for $24.99, except the Ninjago Cole + Kai pack, at $14.99.

Toys R Us

Last week, TRU had Buy One, Get One free on Lego Dimensions Fun Packs last week. This week, they have Fun Packs for $8.49, a better deal if you only need one pack. Exempt from this deal is the Doc Brown Fun Pack for some reason, which is (lol) 85 cents off. Levels Packs are $3 off, at $28.99, except for the other Doc, Doctor Who, which is again oddly priced at $1.60 off. No love for the doctors at TRU this week. Team Packs are $2 off for Jurassic World and Ninjago ($23.99), and $5.20 off for Joker & Harley and Scooby Doo ($20.79). Starters are regular price.


Walmart’s your best bet for Starters this week, where they’re around $65 on all platforms, except Xbox 360, which is down to $47.69. The pricing on Level Packs varies pretty widely, but it starts at $19.99. Team Packs are also showing a bit of a range, from $16.32 for the Ninjago pack to $29.99 for the Scooby Doo pack. And finally, Fun Packs are starting at $8.72 and go up to $16.99 for Doc Brown.

Detailed Store Price Guide

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Amazon Deals
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Best Buy Deals
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Best Buy


Gamestop Deals
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Walmart Deals
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Written by: Greg Pollock