Lego Dimensions Gaming Capsule Review

Lego Dimensions doesn’t have much in terms of accessories. So far the only thing on the shelves for Dimensions has been the game and the various expansion packs.

Lego Dimensions Gaming Capsule

Starting last month I started to notice these cool little cases popping up online and decided to go on the hunt to try and locate on in store. Toys R Us looks like the only retailer that allows you to buy them in store.

The Lego Dimensions Gaming Capsule retails for $14.99 but you can likely get it cheaper if you wait for the right Toys To Life sale to come along.

Lego Dimensions Gaming Capsule

The case is stackable, and you should be able to easily fit your entire collection in only 3-4 cases (if you’re good with space). We were able to fit over 30 minifigures in one case (seen below).

Lego Dimensions Gaming Capsule

The front black tab of the case features a 4 x 6 Lego building area allowing you to customize each / label with unique Lego creations. We tossed on a random assortment of studs to give you an idea of how much room you had to build.

Lego Dimensions Gaming Capsule

While there are other storage options out there that are cheaper, even in the plastic tote / tupperware market, this is still a pretty great storage case because it’s branded and fits the perfect color scheme.

You can find these on the Toys R Us website here.

Do you think you’ll be picking up these new storage cases?

Lego Dimensions Gaming Capsule Video

Lego Dimensions Gaming Capsule Gallery

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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