Lego Dimensions Price Matching Guide

We love deals. If you’re a Toys To Life gamer, you probably love deals too. Being in love with this collecting / gaming genre is an expensive hobby, with more and more packs coming year after year, you’ve got to be smart about how you spend your money.

If you were to pay full retail for Year 1 of Lego Dimensions you would have spent approximately $850. Thats a lot of money. Year 2 is going to cost you about the same if you aren’t smart. But fear not, we don’t just love deals here at Bricks To Life, we also know crafty ways to use them.

Introducing our Lego Dimensions Price Matching Guide! Here is a quick step by step guide to getting the best prices every time you shop. Remember that from one retail store to another there are minor changes in how they handle price matching but ultimately it all works the same.

Understanding Price Matching

The first important part of using Price Matching is understanding what it is. Many stores from Best Buy to Target have Price Matching policies and at the end of the day they all come down to the same thing:

If you find a lower ADVERTISED PRICE at the time of purchase for the EXACT same item, they will honor the lower price.

Let me spell that out even more clearly:

  • The item you want to price match has to be the exact same item, down to the barcode, from the store your matching to.
  • The item’s lower sale price must be listed on the advertisement / website / ect. – NO GIMMICKS ALLOWED.
Lego Dimensions Price Match

Sale Gimmick Example

What is a Gimmick? Thats easy, here is an example of what retailers call a Gimmick Sale:

  • Buy One Get One Free
  • Buy One Get One Half Off
  • 30% Off When You Buy Three Or More
  • 3 for $30

If you want to price match, you wont be able to match to any of the above sales. Price Matching is exactly how it sounds: Matching the price listed vs. the price of the item instore. Here is an example:

For the release week of Wave 6 (Year 2) of Lego Dimensions Target has two sales:

  • $40 Off All Starter Packs
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free Fun Packs

Lego Dimensions Price Match

You can only price match one of these sales. When you visit the Starter Pack listings on the website they show as a discounted price:


But when you visit the Fun Packs on  Target’s site, they still show as their full price and the Sales Gimmick of Buy One Get One is honored once the items are in your shopping cart. Stores will not match the Fun Pack Sale because there is no discounted listed price to match, but they will honor the Starter Pack sale because of the price is clearly listed .

Who, What & When You Can Price Match


You can price match just at just about any major retailer. These stores want you in the door and they want you to keep coming back so they will do what they can to make you happy. Most of the retailers we have listed on our Deals Page that have physical stores will price match. These stores include:

  • Target
  • Toys R Us
  • Walmart
  • Best Buy
  • Amazon

Price Matching isn’t just for matching one store to another, you can also use Price Matching to get a lower prices listed on the website of a store vs. the item’s price in the physical store. Walmart and Target are specifically notorious for this, having lower prices on their online stores than they do on the floor of the actual building.

Lego Dimensions Price Match

Most stores require you to Price Match at the time of purchase but a handful or retailers have a Price Guarantee that will allow you to bring in an advertisement within the return period of the purchase item and thy will grant the lower price. This includes competitor sale prices and internal sales too!

How To Price Match

The process of Price Matching is pretty simple, so don’t be intimidated or feel awkward asking about it. Retailers want you to spend your money there, even if it means they don’t make as much profit.

Be prepared with either a weekly add, a print out of the lower price from a website, or your smart phone with the ad or website pulled up and ready to share. You don’t want to hold up the line while you go digging around the web for the better price. You can use our Deals Page for a quick and easy reference guide!


Depending on the store you can either price match right at the register with the check out clerk, or you will have to go to the front Guest Service desk to get the lower price honored.  Examples of which stores are which:

Stores You Need To Use The Front Desk: 

  • Best Buy
  • Target

Stores That Can Price Match At Register:

  • Walmart
  • Toys R Us

Never be afraid to ask where ever you are, and try to be as informed with the Price Match policy as you can. (See below for links to most major retailers price matching.)  Be prepared to be turned down if the store cannot verify the lower price with their own research.

Price Matching Rules

As I mentioned above, the rules are pretty simple but there are some additional details that need to be acknowledged. Other than the price being clearly listed and no Gimmick Sales allowed, there are a few other things stores may look at to honor the price match.


Toys R Us Price Matching Dos & Don’ts

  • Item you are price matching must be in stock.
  • Item you are price matching cannot be a clearance / open box / damaged product price.
  • You cannot combine the price matched price with additional sales or coupons.
  • Item must be sold by the Retailer and not by a private 3rd party in a market place.
  • You usually cannot price match during Black Friday and the days surrounding it.

It is also important to mention here that you can usually only price match major retailers to other major retailers. Most stores have specific lists of other retailers they will price match and will not go outside that list. The item’s listing needs to be a permanent listing on a prominent site.  This outright excludes things like eBay store listings or sites like Groupon or Woot, and more.

Retailers Specific Price Match Policy

Here is where we get down to the real nitty gritty of price matching. Below is a list of all the major retailers we cover in our Deals Posts and their Price Match rules. Take some time and read through the retailer’s specific rules and arm yourself with a little knowledge before jumping in and arguing with a manager or store associate.

Toys R Us Price Match Policy

Walmart Price Match Policy

Target Price Match Policy

Best Buy Price Match Policy

Amazon Price Match Policy


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