Lego Dimensions Red Bricks

Obtaining Red Bricks

Obtaining red bricks are done in the adventure worlds. Each adventure world contains a special red brick. Most red bricks are cosmetic, fun type bricks to enhance your game experience, while a few are more directly helpful to the gameplay.

While exploring each of the adventure worlds, a character in a shield will appear, as depicted on the left. As you get closer to that character, it will run away and a timer will appear above its head. You’ll have 20 seconds to catch it before it disappears. If it disappears before you can reach it, you’ll have to find it again.

You won’t be able to just run on foot to catch the character. You’ll want to use a vehicle or character with flying. To claim the red brick, all you have to do is touch that characters shield.

Benefits of the Red Bricks

After finding a red brick, you can return to the central portal in Vorton to purchase the benefit effect. After purchasing, the effect can be turned on or off through the main menu.

Year 2 Red Bricks

Ghostbusters 2016

Boosted Bustin
Cost: 100,000
Catching ghosts is now easier and pays more studs.


I Know A Guy
Cost: 100,000
Upgrades to vehicle tags cost half.

Mission: Impossible

Fall Rescue
Cost: 100,000
Saves you when you fall off an edge.

Adventure Time

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 11.33.12 AM






Cost: 100,000
Extra stud multipliers added during combat combos.

Harry Potter

Accio Studs!
Cost: 100,000
Magically draws studs to you!

Year 1 Red Bricks

Back to the Future

Faulty Flux Drive
Cost: 500,000
Faulty Flux Drive will add special effects from Back to the Future to vehicles.

DC Comics

DC Captions
Cost: 500,000
DC Captions will unlock comic book type images and also sounds from the original Batman TV Series to be used when attacking. These include popups of Pow!, Splat!, Bang!, etc.

Doctor Who

Sound of the Doctor
Cost: 500,000
Sound of the Doctor replaces all the music with that from the series of Doctor Who. Music in adventure worlds can be adjusted by using the Jukebox.


Full Minifigure Apparition
Cost: 500,000
Full Minifigure Apparition will make your characters appear to be ghosts. As a ghost, several enemies will avoid you since you’re considered “invisible”.

Jurassic World

Pack Hunter
Cost: 500,000
Pack Hunter will give enemies dinosaur hats.

Legends of Chima

Master of CHI
Cost: 500,000
Master of Chi will allow characters that use Chi to have twice as much Chi.

Lego Movie

Rare Artifact Detector
Cost: 200,000
Rare Artifact Detector assists with locating minikits.

Lego Ninjago

The Way of the Brick
Cost: 100,000
The Way of the Brick will allow for building things to be completed quicker.

Lord of the Rings

Dwarf’s Bounty
Cost: 1,000,000
Dwarf’s Bounty doubles the amount of studs that you pick up. Silver studs now are worth 20, Gold studs are now worth 200, Blue studs are now worth 2,000, and Purple studs are now worth 20,000. Don’t worry about the higher cost of this unlock, it is worth it.

Midway Arcade

8-Bit Music
Cost: 500,000
8-Bit Music replaces all the music from 8-Bit games. Music in adventure worlds can be adjusted by using the Jukebox.

Portal 2

Aperture Enrichment Detector
Cost: 200,000
Aperture Enrichment Detector assists with locating quests in the adventure worlds.

Scooby Doo

Villain Disguises
Cost: 500,000
Villain Disguises gives all major level bosses disguises.

The Simpsons

All Hail King Homer
Cost: 100,000
All Hail King Homer will turn your characters into gold characters and also assist with locating gold bricks in the adventure worlds.

Wizard of Oz

We’re Off to See the Wizard
Cost: 500,000
We’re Off to See the Wizard replaces all the music with Wizard of Oz music. Music in adventure worlds can be adjusted by using the Jukebox.

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Written by: Josh Crawford

Josh is a video gaming and Lego enthusiast, enjoying both activities from an early age. When both are combined, it creates a combination of epic proportions. He contributes to the content of Bricks to Life through guides and informational pages about Lego Dimensions.