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We love our collection of Lego Dimensions figures, vehicles, and gadgets. But with each fun pack we open, our desk space grows smaller and smaller as our collection grows. Dimensions is different from a lot of other Toys To Life gaming in that each pack contains more than just a single figure… two, three, and four figures quickly assemble out of each box making for a sizable collection in a blink of an eye…


It’s then too easy to have the collection begin to get disorganized with a particular minifigure hard to find in the sea of Samurai Mechs and Invisible Jets. Keeping your collection sorted doesn’t just make it look nice, it also helps with gameplay. That one character you need to clear away some silver bricks or trigger that water switch is easily found and snagged when you keep your collection looking good!

We’ve searched the community of Lego Dimensions and pulled together a great collection of some impressive and clever storage and display solutions! Each image is tagged with the creative owner and where we found it!

Lego Dimensions Storage Shelf

If you’re the kind of collector that likes to show off their stack of lego creations, there are some great ideas and designs to make your collection really shine. From the custom shelving units assembled to perfectly fit each round base with it’s own special spot, to the store bought display cases that offer up a safe spot to show off your figures without worrying about being handled, the options are plentiful.

The creativity of the Lego Dimensions community speaks for itself in this gallery. We love to see all these clever displays put together!

Lego Dimensions Storage – Tupperware Ideas

If you’re tight on space or don’t need to have all your figures on display 24/7, a nice tupperware solution might by for you! From tackle boxes to cupcake totes, there are endless options for storing your minifigures and kits.

The advantage of the adjustable compartment boxes is the ability to adjust the size of each opening to fit your taller or wider figures. Using an open tuperware bin can be handy if you don’t mind some figures getting jumbled or some of those decorative pieces randomly popping off.

Custom Lego Display / Storage

For some, the idea of using a shelf or tupperware just doesn’t cut it… instead they went all in with crazy custom Lego creations with some rather impressive results. You already need to keep your portal handy to play the game, so why not integrate storage and display right into the base itself?

These Master Builders get a tip of the hat from us!


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Written by: Daniel Becker

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