LEGO Dimensions The Goonies Level Pack Walkthrough

The Goonies are finally here in Wave 8 of LEGO Dimensions and this new level pack does not disappoint! Fans of the classic film will find themselves reliving some of the great moments of the movie (and a few that were left on the cutting room floor). It’s clear the team behind this pack paid close attention to detail and loved this story.

We’ve included a quick review of the pack below, but if you want to jump right to the Walkthrough click here!

The Goonies Level Pack Walkthrough


Click here to visit The Goonies Level Pack Walkthrough!

The pack picks up about a third of the way through the film with Chunk and Sloth already meeting and wandering around the abandoned restaurant. They quickly make their way into the caverns, onto The Inferno, and finally escape the collapsing cave.


The pack had to be a little creative with the story telling, keeping everything from the perspective of Chunk and Sloth, so some liberties were taken with the plot but overall we really loved it!

lego dimensions wave 8 goonies

The two new vehicle / gadget builds are absolutely gorgeous and we really love them! Some of the best to come out of LEGO Dimensions, not to mention the amazing Sloth minifigure! Wether you were a fan of this cult classic or just want to have up some fun LEGO gaming experiences, this pack is perfect for anyone.

Click here to visit The Goonies Level Pack Walkthrough!

Special thanks to PackAttack04082 for a bit of help with the walkthrough!

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