LEGO Dimensions Wave 9 Preview

With the release of Wave 8 last week, this marks the first time in LEGO Dimensions history that we don’t have any idea what or when is coming next. Every Wave from the release of the game has been at least teased or fully revealed prior to the most recent release. But even though Dimensions hasn’t officially announced anything, we can easily piece together what’s left to come out for Year 2 thanks to a handful of clues from interviews, in game content, and inside sources.

Scroll below to find out about the last remaining three franchises and what to expect from them! Once we get an official announcement we will share all the pack images and builds. Expect all three franchises to be released in one big final wave near the end of June / beginning of July to round out the end of LEGO Dimensions Year 2.



While the minifigure has already been leaked, we still haven’t had any official information about Beetlejuice and his pack. The most recent patch to the game has added a download queue for a Beeltejuice Fun Pack, so we can confirm that a fun pack is coming for this spooky prankster.


You can also expect to see one of those giant sand worms featured in the movie as his vehicle. No word yet on what the alternate builds will be, what abilities Beetlejuice or his vehicle will have, or what to expect from the Adventure World, but he’s certainly on the top of our want list for remaining content.

Powerpuff Girls

lego dimensions wave 9 powerpuff girls

Thanks to a handy press release previewing summer content for Cartoon Network shows, we know that the Powerpuff Girls will be appearing in Dimensions in a combination of a Team Pack and a Fun Pack. The game will highlight the reboot Powerpuff Girls, and will be powered with a lantern construct type ability, making up for the lack of Supergirl availability.

They will be packaged with some very fun, bright colorful builds including Bubble’s Octopus, a Cell Phone gadget, and a giant mech suit of armor. While the figures themselves have been leaked, we haven’t seen any visuals of the various builds.

Teen Titans Go!


The final wave of DC Super Heroes for LEGO Dimensions Year 2 will come with the Teen Titans, in two separate packs, a Team Pack featuring both Beast Boy and Raven, and a Fun Pack with the long rumored Starfire.


There is also some rumors surrounding a red brick type game mechanic similar to the one for the LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack that will allow you to play as both Teen Titans Go’s Cyborg and Robin using your existing figures.

The packs will also feature a handful of fun vehicles and gadgets, including Raven’s Spell Book, and two of the Teen Titans’ vehicles: the car & the robot.

Lord Vortech


Finally, the last anticipated character for LEGO Dimensions that has long been rumored and discussed is Lord Vortech. While TT Games and their team has never officially announced these characters, there have been some hints left in game files, and minor clues and hints that he might pop up in interviews and articles.


Word from our inside sources now state that this character has been put on ice, and will likely not get a release as a fun pack. Originally planned to be featured with a new robust X-PO build, it seems now that the plans to turn him into a physical figure have been abandoned.


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