LEGO Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay Trailer!

A surprise LEGO game trailer has dropped during this year’s SDCC, and it’s LEGO Fortnite Battle Royal! Partnering up with Fortnite’s development team Epic Games, the new cross over battle royale brick game is sure to provide hours of fun!

Build, Brawl and Blow bricks up in LEGO Fortnite Battle Royale!

Leap from the battle bus and land in a LEGO recreation of Tilted Towers. Amass kills with an awesome arsenal, level the land with fully destructible environments and craft cunning constructions…

The trailer shows off a short match with a player roaming around collecting materials, attacking some friends, collecting weapons, etc. You can get a good look at the HUD here below:

lego fortnite

Check out the full gameplay trailer below & let us know what you think!

The simplistic design of the worlds mixed with the complete destructibility of everything really makes sense to bring this title into the LEGO gaming family!

The trailer adds a few extra details for fans of the gameplay including:

  • Work In Progress Gameplay & HUD
  • Not representative of the final product because it’s not actually a product.
  • It’s a fan video… sorry.

Wait a minute…..

Oh yeah, thats right, this is just a fun LEGO Worlds trailer made by the community manager over at TT Games…

Huge shout out again of course to Bear for his INCREDIBLE LEGO Worlds trailers he continues to put together, including this one. It was really well done!

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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