LEGO Movie 2 Video Game FREE DLC Coming April!

Many of you deep into playing the LEGO Movie 2 Video Game might have noticed a group of worlds below the Systar System that are locked and can’t be played. These three worlds are free DLC adventures called the “Galactic Adventures” coming this April for players to continue their adventures!

Check out the full details of the three new worlds below!

Galactic Adventures DLC – LEGO Movie 2 Video Game


Dis-Harmony City

…The Justice League is dispatched from Bricksburg to fend off the Alien invaders. When their ship is swiftly destroyed and scattered across the stars, it’s up to General Mayhem to track down the Justice League and persuade them to join her.

The Queens’s Palace

…features General Mayhem in another wild adventure where she returns to find Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi in a panic because a matrimonial ceremony is not going as planned! General Mayhem must complete various wedding preparations and calm the Queen to get the ceremony back on track.

The Rexcelsior

…content will tell the story of how Rex Dangervest befriended his Raptor crew aboard his flagship. Rex needs to complete various tasks to train his Raptors in fun and unexpected fields such as skateboarding and spaceship repair. Rex needs to get his crew in ship-shape if he wants to meet Emmett!

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