LEGO Movie 2 Video Game Secret Cheat Codes!

Like many LEGO Games before it, the LEGO Movie 2 Video Game is packed with secret unlock codes for you to snag early access to characters, vehicles, and more. Each code will unlock a “relic” piece that can be opened to reveal various items.

To use the codes in game head to the pause menu, then enter the six digit code to unlock in game content. Then head to the closest shop to open your relics!

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LEGO Movie 2 Video Game Secret Codes 

lego movie 2 video game secret codes

Each code when entered will add a specific relic to your inventory, or in some cases, studs. To make life easier on you, we separated the codes by what they do. Enjoy entering the them… there are a LOT.

Character Relic Codes (Purple Relics)

  • H29V4E
  • CK3GR7
  • THSS1T
  • QHN4KB
  • PC7B52

Item Relic Codes (Green Relics)

  • ZLWEV4
  • V76RFB
  • RUL4LU
  • 1ZCPYG
  • VLNM9B
  • 7XJP73

Construction Relic Codes (Blue Re1ics)

  • KEFWX4
  • DT98BK
  • V8K72L
  • BK21FE
  • DR8CEE

Rare Relic Codes (Gold & Red)

  • FR0MTT
  • FCRL55
  • R3TJU8

Stud Unlock Codes (2ok Each)

  • EK5P48
  • 5KCT38
  • K6DFM6
  • U505AD
  • PH9NFT
  • 4VVXPR
  • J3A2VF

NOTE: TT Games & WB reward players who take time do a survey about the game with a secret code. If you have a few minutes, I strongly recommend you do the survey and help make future LEGO games better! 

Take the LEGO Movie 2 Video Game survey here!

LEGO Movie 2 Code Gallery

Some secret codes come from LEGO themselves for promotional material, others come from surveys, some are found on polybags. Here is a quick gallery displaying some of the places we’ve found codes for this game!

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