LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Gameplay Details, Voice Acting, and More!

This weekend at E3, attendees were invited to explore the world of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, the newest title in the long-running LEGO games franchise.  Unfortunately, we were not at E3 and gameplay footage was not allowed to be recorded, so we were not able to see the actual in-engine gameplay footage.  However, thanks to other news outlets and people who were there, we were able to get loads of useful information.

Voice Acting

A lot of people have been anticipating a new LEGO game with no voice acting, instead opting for the classic grunting silent comedy of the 2011 and prior games such as LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga and LEGO Indiana Jones.  Many people have assumed that the new game will not have voice acting, which we must correct by confirming there is indeed a fully voice acted cast.  We are not entirely sure if the game features archive audio from the movies, but we do know that there is a new voice cast that was fully approved by LucasFilm, as to ensure complete accuracy to the original actors.  Notably, Han Solo’s VA has been described as sounding uncannily like Harrison Ford.

However, all hope is not lost to ye all, as TT said they are considering implementing a non-voice acting mode given the huge demand and request for one.

Levels and Movies

As previously mentioned, this is an entirely new game built from the ground up, not a remaster of the original Complete Saga!  However, you will be able to play through the movies in any order you want just like the original game.  Instead of the Mos Eisley cantina, however, this time the player is in a circular area with the nine movies set around the circle, which Ben Walke of DICE described as the “Realm select in God of War”.  This does indeed tell us that Solo, Rogue One, and the Clone Wars will NOT be receiving their own levels.  However, it was recently pointed out to me that the cruiser in one of the screenshots released by TT Games only shows up in the Clone Wars show, which tells us that there is certainly content in the game.

The E3 presenter also mentioned that some items and sideplots from the movies have been omitted from levels to serve as side missions in the open world hubs, similar to LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with additional un-adapted stories now receiving their own side levels, which should be fun.

I should also add that another trailer does exist, and that the announcement trailer is quite old, created simply for the purpose of announcing the game.  This other trailer was shown at the E3 booth, featuring gameplay and voice acting for Han Solo and C-3PO, in addition to many of the most iconic Star Wars moments as well as Hoth and Starkiller Base footage.

Open World, Characters, and Vehicles

Finally, let’s talk about the meat of the game–the open world planet hubs, the character roster, and the vehicles.  The game is still unfinished and already it contains over 200 characters, and 150 vehicles, which is a stunning amount.  They also confirmed that this will have the largest character roster of any LEGO game, even larger than LEGO Marvel 2, which also has over 200 characters.  No details have been released on the inevitable season pass.  In addition, some very large vehicles have interiors that you can explore through after purchasing the vehicle.  These include the Death Star and the Super Star Destroyer, among others.

Last but most CERTAINLY not least, we arrive at the open world.  Attendees were told that there are 20 planets in-game, but that is not a final or official amount.  These include Geonosis (Episode II), Coruscant, Mustafar, Utapu (Episode III), Tatooine (Episode IV), Hoth, Dagobah, Bespin (Episode V), Endor (Episode VI), Jakku, Starkiller Base (Episode VII), and Crait (Episode IX).  The most notable missing planet is Naboo, but I am sure that will eventually be confirmed, along with the possible likes of Kamino and others.

Attendees were only able to play on Tatooine, but were able to explore the impressively large area which included sub-areas such as Jabba’s Palace and the Mos Eisley Cantina.  Over 20 collectible bricks are on Tatooine alone, which isn’t even finished!  Ben Walke also mentioned that the game features a new combat and force system, and you can even FLY AROUND IN SPACE between planets!  You can engage in dogfights, attack other ships, it all sounds amazing!

So with all that being said, hopefully we will see some gameplay soon that we can comb over and talk about.

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Written by: Béla Kurzenhauser

Béla is a writer at and has been a fan of LEGO Games since 2009. He's an aspiring game developer currently working on his computer science degree and likes to spend his time reading the newest comics, watching films, playing the latest games, or hanging out with his cat.