LEGO The Incredibles Achievements Revealed: Playable Pixar Characters, 12 Levels & More!

Just shy of two weeks away from the big release of the first Pixar LEGO game, True Achievements has revealed the list of all the achievements for LEGO The Incredibles. The list shows off that there will be Pixar character cameos in game, plus reveals all 12 level names, some information about custom character creators, and more.

Spoiler Warning

Note, scrolling down to this list may reveal some spoilers about the gameplay, plot of Incredibles 2 and more.

LEGO The Incredibles Gameplay Clip Preview Island Arrival

Do not scroll down if you are sensitive to this sort of information. I personally don’t believe it to be that bad. But… you have been warned.

Achievement List Recap:

  • The game will be played backwards it appears from the list shown below. You will start off playing through Incredibles 2’s plot, then jump into the first films story.
  • Dory will be a playable characters, though it’s not certain if she and the other Pixar cameos will be playable in free roam or only in their small bonus level areas.
  • Twelve levels, starting with 6 for Incredibles 2 & then 6 for the original Incredibles.

Check out all 39 achievements below and let us know what you think in the comments!

LEGO The Incredibles Achievement List

(courtesy of True Achievements)

Throw five enemies into the gears during ”Undermined”
Perform a wheelie for 10 seconds during ”Hover Train Hijinx”
Score ‘Incredible’ in all raccoon encounters during ”Revelations”
Making Parr10 (10)
Chase down Screenslaver in ”Elastigirl On The Case” within 3 minutes and 15 seconds
Destroy all the moving boxes during ”House Parr-ty”
Extinguish the fires during ”Screenslaver Showdown” without the Family Build
A-MAZE-ing10 (10)
Survive Bomb Voyage’s maze during ”The Golden Years” without taking damage
Complete ”Vigilant Vigilantes” in 9 minutes
Trigger all traps during ”Nomanisan Island”
Untouchable10 (10)
Complete ”Return to Nomanisan Island” without being hit by a goo cannon
Plane Crazy10 (10)
Don’t get hit by any plane parts during ”Above Parr”
Complete ”The Final Showdown” with Lucius Best (Workout)
Complete ”Omnidroid Rampage”
The Best10 (10)
Achieve True Super in any level
Achieve True Super in all levels
Kit Car10 (10)
Collect all Minikits in a level
Kitted Up30 (30)
Collect all Minikits in the game
Complete your first Family Build
Complete all Family Builds
Collect a Red Brick
Collect all Red Bricks
Create a custom character
No Capes!10 (10)
Create a custom character with a cape
Earn 1,000,000,000 Studs
Key to the City100 (100)
Achieve 100%
Clean up a district
Clean up all districts
Attack Gilbert Huph with Bob Parr
Finish a race with Dash achieving silver
Defeat an enemy with a non-super character
Achieve a 75 hit combo
Use all of Jack-Jack’s different powers
Release a district boss from prison
Defeat a district boss with a Senior Citizen
Freeze!10 (10)
Freeze a police officer with Frozone
Pair Buddy Pine with Syndrome
Complete an underwater race as Dory
Complete an ambient crime in the city
Complete 50 ambient crimes in the city

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