LEGO The Incredibles Codes – Secret Character Unlock Codes!

Just like all the LEGO Games that have come before it, LEGO The Incredibles has a nice list of bonus secret codes you can use to unlock characters early! To enter these codes just pause the game and select the code option from the menu. Each code is only six characters long!

You can find codes in a few different places, from surveys, promotional materials and even the exclusive Edna Mode polybag!


We will continue to update this list as we find more codes to share!


LEGO The Incredibles Character Unlock Codes

  • Edna Mode – BRAB1R*
  • Gamma Jack – G1MHR7
  • More codes coming soon!

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Remember! If you unlock a character using a code, it will not complete the quest or mission that you otherwise might have had to complete. You will still need to eventually complete the hub world quest. Most of these characters are easily unlocked through the course of the gameplay, but if you just need to have them instantly, here they are!

*This is a code is actually an easter egg! It’s a refrence to Brad Bird, the director of the Incredibles films & voice of Edna!

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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