LEGO The Incredibles Pre Order & Edna Mode Minifigure Bonus!

LEGO The Incredibles has finally been revealed to the world with an awesome new teaser trailer today, and with the announcement, the game is also now available for pre order! Plus a special bonus minifigure packaging has also been revealed in select teaser trailers.

You can pre order the game now here!

LEGO Incredibles Pre Order Edna Mode

Plus, thanks to the watchful eyes of fans in the UK, a bonus Edna Mode minifigure was also revealed at the end of the UK teaser trailer.

Watch the UK version of the trailer below:

Once we hear if / when the Edna Mode minifigure will be available in the US, we will let you know!

Thanks to The Brick Fan for pointing out the Edna Mode figure!

You can pre order the game now here!

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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