LEGO Worlds 1950’s Diner DLC Now Available

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LEGO Worlds has added a new build to the Brick Build Showcase and this time it’s a blast from the past! The 1950’s Diner is a real swinging joint complete with a few new discoverable objects like a Juke Box and a new character the Diner Waitress. LEGO Fans will also notice that this Diner is the spitting image of a real life set that released today, set 10260 Downtown Diner. Now lets break this build down brick by brick.

LEGO Diner1950’s Diner

LEGO DinerDiner Door

LEGO DinerBank Drawers

LEGO DInerRed Arm Chair

LEGO DinerGolden Record

LEGO DinerReel to Reel Recorder

LEGO DInerRecording Console

LEGO DinerMicrophone

LEGO DinerBlack Door

LEGO DinerCoffee Machine

LEGO DinerDeli Stool

LEGO DinerDiner Bench

LEGO DinerDiner Table

LEGO DinerRock and Roll Picture

LEGO DinerDiner Star Picture

LEGO DinerJuke Box

LEGO DinerSoda Dispensers

LEGO DinerCorner Door Block

LEGO DinerPunching Bag

LEGO DinerWall Clock

LEGO DinerDumb Bells

LEGO DinerBench Press

LEGO DinerDiner Waitress (Unlocked by fixing the ceiling inside the diner)

What do you think about this cool build? Will you be downloading it yourself from the Brick Build Showcase? As always let us know what you think in the comments below or over on social media!

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Written by: Gerardo Gutierrez

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